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  • iOS 14 now installed on 85% of all compatible iPhones, Apple says

    Apple has been making it more and more difficult not to upgrade. Good in some ways, in other it appears to just be an arbitrary move 

    Siri features that don’t work if your phone is not the same version as your HomePod, simply bot seeing devices in HomeKit, requiring later OS’s to run updated Apps. The old iWork suite is a big and constant criminally bad offender for this. 

    But it’s working and achieving this uniformity they are after. 

    I do wish they would tone it down in some areas. 
  • Outage of iCloud Mail prevents some users from accessing email

    Experienced issues today with multiple people receiving bounce backs when attempting to email a .mac account from different hosts

    Issue appears to of rectified itself 
  • Apple stops selling 512GB, 1TB 21.5-inch 4K iMac options online

    Tech607 said:
    I never thought i would say this but I am almost over Apple. The crap storage capacities they sell are a joke. 256GB for any $1000 plus machine is ridiculous. Also upgrade charges for larger SSDs are horrible. Apple is becoming a Joke when it comes to cost weighed against value. Do not get me wrong, they have the best Software and Hardware but the cost of RAM and Storage space is a joke. Also the computers in 2021 still starting at 256 GB is laughable. I think I have one more Apple purchase in me, then I may look to move on.
    Unfortunately I agree with you.

    Some of the costs for hardware make it difficult to not feel offended. 

    Apple has always walked the line maximising revenue while not making customers feel they are being taken advantage of. I think over the last few years the line has been crossed and they need to reset again. 

    HDD survived for far too long, as have the low storage options and RAM options. Undeniably to aid Apple’s bottom line but it’s been at the expense of customers best interests. 

    For a company which cares so much about it’s environmental responsibility. They seem to miss how much junk they’ve produced.  I’ve seen and retired so many junk machines a couple of years old with capped 128GB storage etc. 

    Though I won’t be making the change, although I feel they are past the line. The alternative is a lot worse and an option I wouldn’t consider. 
  • Colors fading from some aluminum iPhone enclosures

    If this was my phone, I’d be pretty unimpressed if it changed colour through normal use. Even more so if Apple didn’t resolve the issue. 
  • Kingston debuts modular digital media dock with SD card, USB options

    This could be very cool - it allows you to customise your own dock. 

    How many times do you get a dock etc and not want half of the ports