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  • Rumored Mac Studio trade-in points to possible refresh during WWDC

    Hate like this is the strangest thing. I’ve was t stagnant. He was iconic. What he did was create products so epic, that messing with the design just for the sake of change would be a step backward. You say he was stagnant, yet current apple has either not changed his designs at all, or copied his older stuff. 

    The new iMac is a rip off Ive’s Pro Display design, made thinner and smaller. In fact, take the iMac from the front and outside of a different snd polarizing bezel color, it’s nearly indistinguishable from the previous models. In fact, the color of the bezel is… a throwback to Ive’s first iMac. 


    YOU BLAME Ive for taking things too far as if the entire Apple board wasn’t pushing those things.

    As I stated earlier, though Apple is undoubtedly lessened by Ive’s absence, they are not anything less than great as is. Apple today is far and away the easer in tech and software design and engineering. And Apple has much to thank Ive for in building that sustainable foundation. 

    I've trimmed down the quoting for others.

    I didn't say hate - not sure where that came from.

    While Ive did some great things he was undeniably stagnant in the last years and by his own comments clearly not interested in the role anymore.

    Yes lots of the products are evolutions of his designs, that is to be expected. But they are evolving to be far more useful than they were before. MacBook Pro 14 and 16 lines as an example.

    I do think he took things too far, restricting the usefulness of the devices too far for aesthetics. If you read accounts from inside Apple that is not an unvoiced opinion.

    Clearly you are a big fan of his as am I. We differ however as I think Apple are now better off without him

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  • Intel Mac Pro refresh hinted at in Xcode beta

    Who said hardcore gaming? 

    Only the people defending why the Macs gaming capability is so shit. 

    The original poster didn’t say he was hardcore gaming. Casual gamers like myself also have this issue. I am very much a casual gamer, but all my Macs are useless for it. Even the Mac Pro. 

    Very very disappointing that a company like Blizzard apparently felt they had no
    choice and released for Windows only at launch. Sad times. 

    Sort it out Apple, it’s easily within your power and would remove another obstacle a lot of people struggle with. 
  • Apple stops selling 512GB, 1TB 21.5-inch 4K iMac options online

    Tech607 said:
    I never thought i would say this but I am almost over Apple. The crap storage capacities they sell are a joke. 256GB for any $1000 plus machine is ridiculous. Also upgrade charges for larger SSDs are horrible. Apple is becoming a Joke when it comes to cost weighed against value. Do not get me wrong, they have the best Software and Hardware but the cost of RAM and Storage space is a joke. Also the computers in 2021 still starting at 256 GB is laughable. I think I have one more Apple purchase in me, then I may look to move on.
    Unfortunately I agree with you.

    Some of the costs for hardware make it difficult to not feel offended. 

    Apple has always walked the line maximising revenue while not making customers feel they are being taken advantage of. I think over the last few years the line has been crossed and they need to reset again. 

    HDD survived for far too long, as have the low storage options and RAM options. Undeniably to aid Apple’s bottom line but it’s been at the expense of customers best interests. 

    For a company which cares so much about it’s environmental responsibility. They seem to miss how much junk they’ve produced.  I’ve seen and retired so many junk machines a couple of years old with capped 128GB storage etc. 

    Though I won’t be making the change, although I feel they are past the line. The alternative is a lot worse and an option I wouldn’t consider. 
  • HomePod to support third-party music streaming services with iOS 14 update

    Excellent news! Hopefully it is something you can set as default
  • Apple hit with class action suit over MacBook, MacBook Pro butterfly switch keyboard failu...

    wood1208 said:
    One can not beat up or file law suit against Apple because few of them have keyboard issues. Some use certain keys lot more than others or hit harder or eat over keyboard with crumbs inside keyboard gaps,etc. Keyboard is mechanical component so every keyboard(keys) will have some kind of problem at some point in time so we need to compare current MBP's keyboard issues with the previous gen MBP and rest of industry's(windows) laptops keyboard. If at par or above than case closed. Someone can argue that MBP price compare to similarly equipped(under hood) laptops is higher so reliability expectation is higher but discussion of that topic is for some other time.

    Sorry you are completely wrong. 

    Having had a new machine fail three times in less than a month. These are faulty. 

    We've had had a higher than 40% failure rate across these machines internally. 

    Now someone will come along and say that they’re all being used wrong no doubt !