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  • First 'Apple Music Live' event coming to Milan's Piazza Liberty on March 28

    This concert is actually part of an obligation the city of Milan made to Apple. Apple got approval for the store in Piazza del Liberty on the condition that it:

    - 8 public events of high social and cultural relevance each year, each one approved by the city council
    - propose further 4 events annually 

    Actually a smart move by the city, and a smart move for Apple too.

    (source, in italian:

  • Apple unlikely to release first 5G iPhone until 2020 or later

    1) There won't be a wide US rollout in 2020, or even 2021. Most major metros won't even see any 5G until 2021, much less the rest of the country.
    2) There are still 5G "standards" to shake out, as well as implementation details, because once again, we've got battling ideas from the carriers on what is best.
    Yes. But in the EU it will be different. And it is a bunch of quite affluent markets. Moreover, the 2 cycle of iPhone X purchasers will be complete, so that group of customers will see their contract open up for renewal and subsidies (quite common in Europe) and will most certainly be on the lookout for a new smartphone.

    ( Excerpt from the 5G Europe Action plan:)

    • Align roadmaps and priorities for a coordinated 5G deployment across all EU Member states, targeting early network introduction by 2018, and moving towards commercial large scale introduction by the end of 2020 at the latest.
    • Make provisional spectrum bands available for 5G ahead of the 2019 World Radio Communication Conference (WRC-19), to be complemented by additional bands as quickly as possible, and work towards a recommended approach for the authorisation of the specific 5G spectrum bands above 6GHz.
    • Promote early deployment in major urban areas and along major transport paths.
    • Promote pan-European multi-stakeholder trials as catalysts to turn technological innovation into full business solutions.
    • Facilitate the implementation of an industry-led venture fund in support of 5G-based innovation.
    • Unite leading actors in working towards the promotion of global standards.
  • switches web font from Myriad to San Francisco

    As usual "US only. For other countries restrictions apply"

    No comment. Apple cannot even manage a rollout of a font internationally...

    Moreover... prompts a language choice page. Which... Still sports the old linen theme!!!

    Need I say more?