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  • 16-inch MacBook Pro, 14-inch MacBook Pro expected to have same performance

    This is an important, newsworthy change, but it’s also common sense. So whether it’s an actual leak or just a good guess, if it’s true, then Apple is probably not unhappy with it at this late stage. It’s a selling point for the Pro Mac form factors — you get the same power no matter the size — a stark contrast to what has come before, in all PCs. Indeed, I’ll go there: “paradigm shift.”

    Combined with the rumored Pro Mac mini, it’s all good. Three form factors, all with the same “M1X” SoC specs.

    Probably also an M1X iMac line, with options for more unified memory than you can get in the mobile/mini form factors.

    The next step would be to do the same with an iMac Pro and the modular Mac Pro — both with the same “M1Z” SoC specs. 
  • Apple's new Siri Remote for Apple TV gets firmware update

    Both ours say 0x0061. Note they were purchased at an Apple Store last Saturday (August 14), so it’s possible they came with this version installed already. I didn’t check earlier, so I can’t say for sure.
  • Apple promises macOS scanner fix in a future update

    I had this problem with a multifunction HP LaserJet 100 colorMFP M175. Resolved a few days ago using a Terminal command that did the same thing as the fix described in this article, thanks to an HP.com support thread. The answer came from a user, several HP employees were on there but only suggested things that didn’t work.

    Apple wasn’t much help either, basically just saying “Use AirPrint” — but that didn’t work for the scanner. Not sure if the bug is with regard to Apple’s implementation of AirPrint, or some kind of permissions bug. I’ll admit I had never heard of AirPrint before this.

    Good for Apple posting this support document, because it’s an easy fix. 

    *Editing to clarify that I’m not using AirPrint for the driver. I had to install the HP Printer Drivers v5.1 package to be able to set up the scanner:

  • 2022 iPhones, Macs could boast 3nm chips

    Kuyangkoh said:
    I wonder what’s next, onm chips??paper thin
    I don’t know where I heard this but I believe they will switch to using angstroms. 0.1nm = 1Å, or 3nm = 30Å
  • Apple engineers lack optimism about the Apple TV strategy, claims report

    So they don’t seem to have a strategy but we will see new evolved combined hardware in the future. […]
    Yes, weird sort of contradictory news from Gurman. He suggests a 2023 release date for the rumored tv soundbar + camera HomeKit hub device (also a Bloomberg story, so this could be just a sort of tease, to keep that story alive), in the midst of telling us about some Apple engineers who are, apparently, depressed because Apple won’t let them design a low-end device or something like that (I haven’t read the newsletter). But there are a lot of questions unanswered about such a device, like would it support Arcade, or Fitness? Any device Apple releases has to support their full range of services, I would think.