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  • HBO Max 'missed the mark' with update, restores native tvOS player

    jcs2305 said:
    jimh2 said:
    Why do companies think they can out do a provided API? The developers must be generating billable hours. 
    In the case of HBO, it looks like they wanted data about user behavior that the Apple player does not provide.
    Right on time with the release of their add supported tier. Guess they wanted to be able to track what folks watch so they could send them the most appropriate ads on the cheaper service tier?
    You’d have to take a pretty deep dive into the documentation for developers to confirm this (assuming it’s documented), but I’ll bet it’s more that they wanted to track how the ads affect viewership, like when viewers stop watching altogether during an ad. So they can learn to place the ads more effectively, without losing viewers. That might mean doing things like reducing the number and frequency of ads in early episodes, when you’re trying to engage the viewer, and increasing it later on, when they’re invested in the story/outcome. No doubt there’s a sophisticated science for that.

    If Apple’s viewer doesn’t handle ads in a way that produces the type of data needed for that science, then that would certainly explain HBO wanting to design their own viewer. 
  • No hardware debuts during WWDC 2021 keynote, says leaker

    If I may, the first tweet is pretty clear in Chinese that this was just a “gut feeling” and it wasn’t based on any inside information.

    The second tweet clarifies that: “In other words, originally it was me having some fun, it wasn’t meant to be seen as the least bit reliable, it was just a joke.”

    [我本来就是说着玩的  我一点也不靠谱   当个玩笑看就好啦]
  • Judge in Epic v. Apple trial presses Tim Cook on App Store model, competition

    There are a number of comments here that don’t seem to understand the role of the judge in this process. The judge is supposed to ask difficult questions. Having done so means this is a good judge.

    Sweeney got to go first. That may seem like an advantage, but it is not. 
  • Spotify, Tile, Tinder App Store complaints are solely business grievances, Apple says

    I think the most likely rule to emerge from all this will be that Apple cannot give its own apps access to APIs and other system resources that competing apps don’t have access to. 

    The UWB complaint from Tile is an example of this. Apple will be required to roll out the draft UWB specification earlier in the process, or at least at the same time they release a product that uses it. 

    There may also be aspects of Spotify’s complaints that meet this criteria, I’m not sure.

    The Screen Time brouhaha would fit — even though it is part of the system and not a competing app — Apple will be forced to provide access to those APIs in a more transparent and timely manner. 
  • Return of the Mac: How Apple Silicon will herald a new era at WWDC 2021

    Dave Kap said:
    This is a great article and reminds me of DED.  Speaking of DED, can anybody tell me if he is ok and  coming back to Apple Insider?
    I think he’s okay, and he posted an article about graphics/Metal a few weeks ago, but his last full-time contribution at AI was in November 2020, with a review of the M1 MacBook Pro and several related editorials. Before that, he was last fully active in June 2020. Roughly Drafted, though, hasn’t seen any new material since March 2020. 

    He’s still active on Twitter. So I don’t know, it’s hard to say. Seems like he’s been on leave from AI, rather than being completely gone, or maybe now he’s working freelance rather than on staff?