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  • Apple introduces iPhone 14 & iPhone 14 Plus -- with satellite connectivity

    dutchlord said:
    The satellite texting feature is easy enough to deploy across North America because the US and Canada have no restrictions on free speech, but I doubt that it will ever be deployed across Asia or the Middle East because it's outside the reach of the "Great IT Wall" that many countries have built. It would bypass government control on communications. Since satellites cannot pinpoint which side of a border you are on, they can't respect the wishes of dictators to block data from their countries. And since Apple is paying for the service, it is Apple who would get in trouble with the dictatorships.

    Unless perhaps the satellite texting capability does not support iMessage, and the satellite data is all unencrypted for the world to see. Then maybe dictatorships won't object. But if so, then Apple seems to be contradicting its oft-stated belief that "privacy is a fundamental human right." This will get harder to defend as the size of the satellite text messages increase over the next ten years, because Apple will find itself under pressure to encrypt those messages.
    I don’t think text messaging like
    in imessage is possible. Only contacting emergency response people. 
    And its only available in the US/Canada.
    Your statement that text messaging is not possible seems incorrect, because in the Apple keynote, the satellite app displays the phrase "opening Messages" (the app) and then you can see text bubbles that look (and sound!) exactly like the Messages app in iOS. Except that the outgoing chat bubbles are grey. So I infer from the video that text messages are allowed. But I don't know how it works yet.
    Apple's livestream announcement said that it uses custom text compression along with canned responses. If the phone has good line of sight to a satellite, a text message will take on order minutes. If the phone doesn't have good line of sight, it could take on order tens of minutes to hours.

    The canned messages obviously doesn't send the actual message, like sound and the actual text. It's just some minimum bit-depth number, the code, and when a phone receives it, it will play the canned response for that code that's already on the receiver phone.

    And, it will also send GPS coordinates as one of those canned responses. That's just 3 numbers, possibly 4: time, latitude, longitude, and maybe altitude.

    As for why it is in USA and Canada first, it's likely because Apple has gotten approvals for this type of functionality from these countries first, including the relay stations for the signal, and Apple can advertise the full service, like rescue crews. This is pretty standard operating procedure for an USA company. It will make it to other countries eventually assuming they have the relay stations and rescue crews, including China, and even Russia if the sanctions are lifted, which looks to be no time soon. I don't know what those countries are going to do about it though. It's satellite. The only thing lacking would be the rescue response and the accordant local relays, but the data transmission should work. Apple and the satellite company would have to have a GPS, feo-fence filter on it to prevent it from working.

  • Apple Watch Ultra debuts as a giant & rugged titanium model

    I definitely want a Watch Ultra, but I'm saving for a 2 TB M2 iPad Pro w/cellular. If my Series 4 happens to stop working...
  • Apple wants LG & Samsung to make foldable iPhone screens that won't crumple

    I'd be all-in on a foldable, all-screen "MacBook 16" that unfolds into a 24" display or an "iPad Pro 14.5" that unfolds into a 21" display, as long as is available for iPadOS. Should also have a 0-to-360 hinge for tablet mode.

    I'd happily use a virtual keyboard and virtual trackpad. Would prefer it that way while mobile. Docked at a desk, it would act as an AIO with an external display next to it, and external keyboards and trackpad/mouse, but mobile, onscreen input all the way.

    The foldable concepts on the market, some of them are being sold to customers, are pretty rough. They still need another 3 years or so of refinement. So, 2025 perhaps.
  • Apple Watch Pro renders illustrate Digital Crown protrusion & more

    Hmm, that looks a like a rather complicated case to make, with a lot of compound curvatures where you can't use a simple CnC tool to mill out the edge. They'll need to do multiple tools and passes at it. And, even if it was poured into a mold, polishing it would be difficult too with lots of nooks and crannies.

    The heart sensor also sticks out more than that. They need to have it stick out to ensure great contact with the skin. So, a strange looking beast. Will be interesting to see it. Or, perhaps Apple has pulled off another rumor-burning Apple Watch rumor like they did with the flat-edged Watch rumor last year.

    This is also the second year in row for satellite connectivity, so a two-for rumor set with the Apple Watch Pro with both a new case design and satellite connectivity, both of which could be planted rumors to burn leakers.
  • There are more iPhones in use in the USA than Android phones

    Marvin said:
    JP234 said:
    My first smartphone was a Prepaid TracFone. The Android Phone/service package was cheap, but it wasn't long before I realized, in the words of Benjamin Franklin, "The bitterness of low quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten."

    My next phone, and my wife's as well, were iPhones. And have been ever since. And always will be. In the long term, quality always wins out.
    The quote is very fitting for Apple products. When products are used for hours every day, saving even 50% of the initial price for years of headaches just isn't worth it. Even used Apple products are better than new Android/Windows products.

    Families often hand down used iPhones/iPads to their kids and millions are being sold on eBay etc.

    The trend line looks steep. No wonder other companies put out attack ads.
    Yup. Even with Apple's lineup, it behooves people to get the next storage tier up, not the base model, or for Macs, the next RAM and storage tier. CPU and GPU not so much, but storage and RAM yes.

    For phones, subscribing iCloud storage is a huge quality improvement too. You could live with the base storage tiers if you have iCloud storage.