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  • Apple's relationship with web apps will improve in 2023

    Right now, in June 2022, it looks like the release of Web Push in 2023 will be good for users and developers.
    Hopefully Apple will have a flag to turn off Push notifications from web apps and web sites.  :/ 

    I've taken quite the dim view of these "pro competition, pro business, pro consumer" rationales. GDPR pop-up notices are like a modern rendition of ActiveX pop-ups, and it didn't do anything to actually protect people. This Web Push stuff sounds like it is going to amp up notification marketing by increasing the surface area of who and what can send a push notification by orders of magnitude. Eventually a few "bad" players will blow up all the goodness and just trash everything. Like, all it takes is one "web app" to mess up your phone or PC and you will have to go through some cleaning activity.

    Every single communications medium we have eventually just turns to shit. My mail box is 99% advertisements, and probably 99.999% by weight. Just the thought of the gas and diesel used to deliver that shit pisses me off. My landline phone is nothing but telemarketing and basically shit calls. My cell phone is getting there and I really should just turn on the flag to only allow my contacts to ring the phone. Email? Our email apps have the work of multiple PhDs to filter that stuff out, on multiple nodes of an email's path to your input. Text messaging? I think text messaging costing money way back when actually delayed the inevitable, especially now that regulators want "compatibility".
  • Apple's macOS Ventura beta review: great new features, but some concerns

    DaringFireball had a link to an old OS X engineer who told the story of the shrinkydink UI from 2006, in which Stage Manager is modern rendition of the interface. It definitely lighted up some light bulbs.

    About in the 2010 time frame, Apple had several OS X UI patents which describes a UI where UI elements were aligned along the walls of a 3D perspective. When I saw that, it was basically WTF. How could it work? Well, lo and behold shrinkydink and Stage Manager. That's what those patents were all about.

    It's basically a dock for spaces, though it appears shrinkydink had a separate perspective dock for windows within an app. So docks for everything and they used a perspective skew to communicate that it's a dock.
  • When the iPhone goes USB-C, other Lightning accessories will too says Kuo

    entropys said:
    Switching iPhone to USBc will boost adoption over USBA more generally too. As it is there are still the majority of peripherals with USBA. Heck you still get microusb.

    anyway, I suspect one major reason iPhones have stayed lightning so long (apart from mfi revenue) is Apple probably planned to go portless instead and the tech hasn’t worked out well enough for them.

    PS: crowley, the EU is a lesson in how not to do it. Don’t defend the sad senescence of old Europe pretending it still has something)g over the colonies.
    With camera MP race continuing unabated, and with 8K video becoming normal, Apple basically has no choice but to go with TB4 eventually or later version, even if they are going with USBC 10/20 Gbit/s next year. If the camera continues to sell the phone, I just don't see how they cannot offer a high speed interface so that getting hundred GB to TB sized video off the device.

    Lightning has gone as far as it can go with 4K video. It really is not a good experience to get an 8K video off the device. Then, if AR/3D/multi-cam shooting is going to be thing, that only puts more pressure on having a high speed interface to get data off the device.
  • On May 6, 1998 the iMac changed Apple -- and the entire world

    Maybe the chin has something to do with servicing the machine? Who knows.

    Those ages likely mean the time is nearing for a new iMac industrial design. Maybe the iMac Pro, the retiring of the Time Capsule and the stagnancy of the Mac mini is heralding Apple is dropping spinning disk drives all together now, and the 2018 iMac and Mac mini (if updated) will only have SSDs, like the iMac Pro and in the laptops. No HDD means than can make it thinner. Hopefully larger displays come with both models.
    Never thought it would take 3 years from May 2018 to get to a new iMac industrial design. Thought it would be 1 year, 2 years tops, and, thought they would keep a large display model.

    The iMac 24 returned the AIO back to its roots all the way back to 1998. Occupies price tiers between $1000 to $2000, colors, consumer features and prices. Strictly consumer. It's still missing an M1 Pro option, just like the Mac mini. Hopefully there will be a 24" 4.5K external display from Apple soon too, and the M2 iMac models can drive 2 external displays.

    And, we can conclude the chin is all about branding. No technical reasons.
  • Apple hires Ford veteran for 'Apple Car' project

    I'm afraid their window for market entry is closing. It still sounds like they are 3 to 4 years away and that will be too late in 2025 imo. As a EV maker, one with ambitions to dent the market starting 2025, they would need to:
    1. Develop a supply chain for solid state batteries, with enough mass production for a 300 mile range $50k base model. From component supply to assembled structural battery package.
    2. Build out a supercharging station network along major highways every 100 miles.
    3. Develop service stations and service ecosystem
    4. Ensure carbon neutral processes and energy supply from components, materials, and recycling
    Don't get this waiting at all, especially for computer driving. They need to get something on the market and iterate, and needed to do it in 2020 let alone now. The don't need to have self driving. There are many hard things to get built up to even have something on the market.