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  • What to expect from Apple 'AirTags' tracking accessory in fall 2020

    These are GREAT! My friend works as a private investigator (ex-Mossad agent) - this will make it easy to track clients and cars, arrange direct hits. Just love apple tech! 
  • Apple TV+ review: 'Greyhound' brings Apple to the movie big leagues

    Only movies which have premiered in a theater are eligible for an Oscar. And the Academy Awards aren’t exactly the mark of excellence they used to be 40-50 years ago. They’re an award decided by and given to movie industry insiders. Worthless, IMO.
    Except for the 2021 Academy Awards, from reading the article it seems like Greyhound “should” be able to be nominated.
    If theaters don't open this year, there will be no academy awards - or else they will make an exception to the rules for this year only and let streaming releases be nominated. Hanks shouldn’t be denied his shot at a best screenplay Oscar if his work is good.
  • Apple TV+ at six months: No breakthroughs, but plenty of promise

    For this to work Apple needs to buy a studio (like Paramount for instance) so that they can develop more risqué films and TV shows without tarnishing the "Apple Brand" - they need a "Beats" type offshoot to create edgier and more interesting stuff. Buy Paramount or another famous studio, acquire their back catalog and their creative teams and get to work. Apple+ programming is "vanilla" at best - family bland stuff that doesn't offend anyone and doesn't get anyone excited either.
  • Mac Pro still poorly supported by Apple Store Genius Bar months after launch

    I've been wanting a new MacPro, but something has held me off buying one. After reading this story I think I'll wait a few more months until things settle a bit and the corona virus eventually passes. Seems we're heading into chaos territory across the board - both in business and in life. Hope you get your machine fixed soon!
  • Apple TV+ Review: 'Amazing Stories' gets off to a middling start

    The basic problem with AppleTV+ is that the company approached it with the idea of throwing a bunch of money at creative people who have already made it decades ago and don’t have the hunger anymore. Oprah, Jen Aniston, Spielberg, etc... It’s all just tired stuff and incredibly safe. Of course they want the money, they all have expensive lifestyles to maintain. Apple is never going to have the same kind of creative success that Netflix has unless they really separate this division from the rest of the company.  They would be much better served owning a studio that is not called “Apple” that produces exclusive/non-exclusive content for them. This company could make creatively riskier and more interesting films and TV shows and not worry if the plot/themes will reflect on how people perceive iPhones and macs and the rest of the company.