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  • A foldable iPhone isn't the future, but a folding iPad or MacBook might be

    M68000 said:
    Does anybody really want to be bothered with all of the effort over time of opening and closing folding phone?   I don’t think I do.  Then,  there is the weight factor that would likely come with such device.
    This is the funniest thing I have read all day.  Oh... My... GLOB, I can’t believe the time wasted unfolding my phone!!  Bwahahaha!!    (ROFL emoticon). I have to unfold my phone like a caveman in the late 1990s! 

    Ok, ok.  Breathe, now.   

    All kidding aside, folding phones end up too thick in one’s pockets and then too big in one’s hands.   Unusable in one hand, and unwieldy in two. The folding doesn’t enhance the phone-using experience.  

    Now, a folding iPad I could probably get behind.  But the added cost has to be justified by some improvement in workflow or experience.   

    Folding otherwise just becomes a gimmick that doesn’t improve the user experience.  
  • Apple's Self Repair Program vs. Genius Bar: What it costs to fix an iPhone 13

    I noticed Apple says not replace all of the screws and never reside them.  I guess that lok-tite is critical to the performance of the screw not coming… unscrewed.  
  • Jony Ive's exit from Apple caused by company culture changes and growing frustration

    Jony Ive was great for Apple, but I want to know who, specifically, approved the 2013 Mac Pro, who was behind removing all the useful ports on the pro portable machines relying on dongles for everything, and who was responsible for the laptop keyboard disaster from 2016 to 2018?    

    Was Jony also the main pusher behind form over function such as laptops that are thin they can’t have the ports everyone uses?   What about iPhones that bend far too easily (I’m talking about iPhone 6 Max of which mine was bent from the factory right out of the box).

    Some recognition should be given to the A15/M1 Apple silicon team.   That’s a real winner that will keep Apple competitive.   
  • YouTuber builds his own Studio Display by upcycling an old iMac

    crowley said:
    Shame that Target Display Mode isn’t a thing any more.
    When the iMac went Retina, there wasn't a connection technology that could drive it.  Now, there is.   
    I will keep my eye out for some old retina iMacs.   
  • Compared: Apple Studio Display versus Porsche Design AOC Agon Pro monitor

    I appreciate these reviews because they show compromises are to be made one way or the other.  
    32” big, but only 2K resolution.
    For $100 more, what do you really get?  A bunch of ports you probably only ever use the ONE you need and a gimmicky lighting system.  

    Sometimes comparing apples to oranges is useful.

    in 5 years, a used Apple 27” display will command far more in price than any other brand.  The Quality will show in time to be far better than the original cost.