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  • GoPro releases new HERO9 Black camera with 5K Video, 20 MP photos

    flydog said:
    These GoPro cameras haven't improved in any way that matters since the Hero 4, the first GoPro to support 4k at 30fps.
    I dunno about that. The Hero 5 made the body waterproof on its own, no case needed. With the Hero 6 Black, GoPro started using their own proprietary SoC package (called GP1). The changes have been mostly incremental since then (and I really miss the tiny Hero 5 Session), but the 7 Silver will blow the 4 out of the water.
  • Apple asks UK landlords to cut Apple Store rents in half

    If Apple’s profits went up while the stores were closed, then that would tell me that the stores aren’t really required for Apple to move its product. I wonder if that is part of the motive behind this. From Apple’s POV, they may not need as many stores as they have as online ordering is far more accepted now; so they are asking for rent cuts and in exchange they will agree to keep their store presence. So in that scenario, if the stores are as important, they would want to lower their cost, which can be done by letting the leases expire, or by lowering their costs so that keeping them around doesn’t cost as much.

     If that is the motive behind this, it seems less greedy then just “if they are getting a discount, why don’t we get one?”
  • Apple pressures email app 'Hey' to integrate in-app purchase option [u]

    jgreg728 said:
    Apple has the right to enforce their policies. Tbh they should double down with the likes of Netflix to set that precedent.

    What IS wrong about the whole thing is that iOS doesn't give the option to load apps from anywhere other than the App Store. That's what needs to change.
    No. No No No. No! The locked down nature of iOS is paramount to its security and appeal. If I want to have the wild, wild west of app loading I’d use Android. I don’t. Stop trying to make iOS like Android. Having such a tightly integrated platform is what makes Apple’s ecosystem work so well. It’s why I switched form Windows a decade ago, and its why I choose to use iOS and why I chose to primarily develop for iOS and macOS. This insane idea that they need to break that to let shitty apps made by devs who just want an easy way in or to bypass a cost of business that has been around for 10 years is not the correct path forward.

    As for Hey specifically, from reading the Verge article about what they are doing With the app, I actually do think Apple is in the wrong here and it should be considered a Reader style app. The subscription isn’t specific to iOS and they aren’t advertising it in iOS, so it is exactly the same as Netflix. It appears to be a new email address as well, so it is even more like a reader app.
  • How to watch Apple's October 30 iPad Pro and Mac event, and follow along with AppleInsider...

    Is it 10am Eastern, or 2pm? The article has text and imagery that say both. Apple's official site says 10am Eastern, which is 7am Pacific.
  • iPhone XS Max dramatically outselling iPhone XS, Apple Watch Series 4 sales exceeding all ...

    I have the X, and love it. I checked out the XS and XS Max at Best Buy over the weekend and I think I'll stick to the XS size. I want the upgrade for the extra storage and the new cameras, but I just didn't feel like the content density was increased enough to warrant the extra $100 and the larger size to carry around. The XS is perfectly sized for me. I'm a few more weeks away from ordering though.

    Also, the AW4 for certain. Though I want to see one in person as I'm thinking the 40mm might be enough since it's screen is larger than my 42mm AW3.