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  • AT&T says its 5G network is now available nationwide

    ATT will do away with service for older phones were that can't receive or makes calls anymore.
    This is because they plan to shut down their 3G service in 2022. After this happens only phones supporting 4G and Voice over LTE will be able to make voice calls.

    I recently had to upgrade my service from 3G to 4G in China because I was finding it increasingly difficult to get a 3G signal. Apparently most 3G towers there have been turned off.
  • How to export your Apple Card monthly transactions

    larryjw said:
    You should be aware that the perks of "elite" cards are paid by someone -- in particular, the retailer whose product you purchased with the card
    This is the reason the U.S. is so behind other countries in cashless acceptance. Elsewhere, it costs the merchants nothing (China) or close to nothing (Europe) to accept debit cards. But most US merchants balk at paying a 50¢ transaction fee plus 3% for you to buy your $2 taco. 

    People are so proud of the 2% they get back, seemingly unaware that prices have all been hiked at least 3% to pay for all this. 
  • $115K in iPhones stolen out of one car, $200K in iPhones lifted from Best Buy in the Apple...

    Rayz2016 said:
    Over a hundred grand’s worth of phones sitting in a car. 

    Why do I get the feeling that a crime was already in progress when the phones were stolen?
    Well, this was in Oregon, where most buyers go who plan to buy phones to be sold overseas, due to the lack of sales tax there. So she was probably just buying these for resale. But to leave so many unattended... sheesh. 
  • Apple 'taking a deeper look' at Maps changes after Crimea debacle

    I remember when flying Air India their maps don’t show any borders. That gets them out of the Kashmir debate among others.  
  • Apple Pay coming to NYC transit in July, NFL in time for regular season

    JinTech said:
    Apple really need to make a push to get ApplePay rolled out with the Clipper Card here in the San Francisco Bay Area.
    The Clipper card uses proprietary Cubic technology. You’ll need to wait until they switch to an open standard. Here in San Diego, it’s been announced that we will do this in 2021, dumping Cubic (even though they’re a San Diego company) in the process. 
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