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  • Paddle wants to undercut App Store fees, thinks Apple will allow it

    Paddle In-App Purchase is a true like-for-like, drop-in replacement for Apple's IAP

    Except it’s not, because if you look at what they’re actually doing, it bounces the user out to the browser to complete the transaction. So it’s…Not IAPs at all. This is unsurprising considering the ruling in no way allowed alternative IAPs, but it does make what Paddle are saying disingenuous at best.

  • Steve Jobs criticized Tim Cook for not being a 'product person'

    Isaacson is spinning for all he's worth here. Jobs was also known to be fond of Scott Forstall and he and Ive's relative antipathy towards one another was also widely reported. This notion that Jony Ive is somehow this singular reincarnation of Jobs whose departure will leave Apple rudderless is as ridiculous as the "sky is falling" predictions when Jobs himself passed.

    He also appears to fundamentally misunderstand why Jobs left Cook in charge at all. He specifically didn't want to build an Apple that required a Steve Jobs to function, his goal was to build an Apple that could happily persist long after he was gone. The whole point was not needing a product guy to run the place. He instilled in the company and its staff the culture & approaches necessary to make "product stuff" intrinsic specifically because he knew it would need to be run by operations guys like Cook eventually.

    It's also hilarious that he seems to think his knowledge of Jony stepping back is some incredible insight. This was widely known years ago. One of the reasons Ive moved to the invented CDO role was so that his day-to-day responsibilities could be delegated. "Oh Ive hasn't denied it so you know it's true" - ah yes, the famously quick to comment Jony Ive. Who's so well known for constantly talking to journalists. Right.
  • Apple's 'TV' app goes live in France, Germany & UK [u]

    Restarting my phone, then letting it go to sleep, prompted it to appear for me so that may help anyone trying to force it. Looks good so far, looking forward to working it into my routine.
  • Apple's Face ID with attention detection fooled by $200 mask

    There are several problems here, but let's focus on the simplest one:

    Unless this process is easier and cheaper than just watching someone type in the PIN or beating the snot out of them until they give it up (Which it's not) it is pointless and irrelevant. 
  • Keep your iPhone X safe with one of these protective cases

    I don’t like my phone being in a case while I’m using it, but I do want some protection for my X from drops, bumps & scratches so I’m going back to using a slip cover as I did for iPhones prior to the 5. I went for this one.
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