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  • Apple counters Australian banks' call for iPhone NFC access, cites handset security

    cropr said:
    sennen said:
    Apple, whatever fingers it may want to have in the pie, is still providing the most secure solution for it's customers. I'll take that over whatever service Australia's banks want to push onto me.
    My bank is offering financial service since 1945, Apple started 2 years ago
    The financial services of my bank are audited yearly by an independent organization, Apple isn't
    I take me 15 minutes to get an appointment with a bank representative, I cannot get an appointment with someone from Apple
    All the data of my bank is stored in a national data center,  Apple stores its data in a foreign data center,  If have a dispute with Apple, I have no chance to access my data and to prove I am right
    My bank supports heavily open standards,  Apple has a closed iOS ecosystem
    My bank is expensive.  Apple is expensive

    And you want me to believe that Apple is a more trustworthy partner than my bank. You must be kidding
    Yeesh, the bank really saw you coming.
    anantksundaramericthehalfbeebigDan Andersen
  • Australian banks say Apple Pay is anticompetitive, appeal to anti-trust regulators

    I find the idea that Australia's banking industry - notoriously corrupt and anti-consumer - is standing up for Australian's consumer rights to be hilariously brazen.
  • Apple releases first public betas of iOS 10, macOS Sierra [u]

    Excited to get cracking with this Beta Test. iOS 10 makes a lot of changes I really like, particularly with regards to Notifications, Search & Lookup. It reminds me of the kind of clever, systemwide changes brought in with iOS 5 (That was the version that introduced Banner Notifications, Notification Centre and deep Twitter (later leading to the same status for Facebook in iOS 6) integration. In other words, an update focused on letting you do more without leaving an App or other screen.
  • Apple sued by Chinese media regulator over streaming of 1994 propaganda film

    Uh...How exactly is Apple involved in YouKu hosting copyrighted content..?
    tallest skil
  • Taylor Swift turns to promoting Apple Music's curated playlists in new video ad

    Taylor's a good choice for a funny ad, she's super goofy so it's pretty easy to buy her doing something dorky like this - and apparently it's based on something that actually happened. And yeah, I have no trouble believing that.

    Cool to see the Apple/Taylor Swift partnership appears to be here to stay. I'm a huge fan of Taylor so I'd be very happy to see more exclusives from her like the 1989 World Tour Movie appear on Apple Music.