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  • Apple set to overhaul iPad Pro with OLED and Magic Keyboard revamp

    Been waiting for an upgrade. I LOVE the Pro I use. I use it for most of my work now, I'm thinking it's a better investment than a desktop for what I do. And the portability has me sold on it. Would love to see a better chip and screen upgrade. Can't wait.
  • Apple TV+'s 'Frog and Toad' not viewable in the U.S.

    chasm said:
    lmasanti said:
    Could the WGA's strike has something to do with this situation?
    Could be, but shows that were completed before the strikes by the WGA and later SAG-AFTRA are allowed to be broadcast, which is why we’re still seeing new episodes of TV shows and also movies being released.
    No. Most likely, a technical issue. Second most likely a fight over right to broadcast. Realize that IP's can have complicated trials of ownership. And they can be divided out between counties.
  • TSMC delays Arizona plant, blames US labor shortage

    Skilled labor in Arizona IS an issue. Arizona was only recently a deep red state and their focus on education was lacking. Add to that the fact that it will only get hotter, it will only get more costly to live there, and TSMC would be better off finding a better place. But there is no reason to believe they can't find skilled labor. I have a lot of family in AZ. Finding skilled labor is an issue with almost any task. 
  • Bizarre Google 'Best Phones Forever' ads poke fun at iPhone

    We all know people pick their mobile phone from tv ads…?
  • Hands on with Apple's new Pro Macs -- Mac Pro & Mac Studio with M2 Ultra

    darkvader said:
    Less RAM, no real graphics card, and Apple making wild performance claims without any actual benchmarks.

    I'm unconvinced.  I want to see real benchmarks vs current AMD and Intel processors, and current high end Nvidia and AMD graphics cards.  I want to see that because I strongly suspect Apple is just doing a bit of puffery.
    In all my years of Apple watching and attending events, Apple has never made a 'wild' claim on tech specs.  They will pick language carefully - as we all should - what exactly they say, but I've never seen them BS. Not once when it comes to tech ability. And I attended my first MacWorld thingy, or whatever it was called in 1994. And have buying Macs since around 1988. 

    As a tech company, they may spin and market, but I've never seen the BS that comes out of other companies when it comes to tech specs.