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  • Apple purges rival products from store ahead of rumored AirPods Studio, new HomePod

    The fact is, the third party items are always cheaper online. I've overheard Apple store employees dozens of times let customers know that. And more and more customers can shop on their phone. Since it's not a good deal, not sure they should be there at all. When Sony had a store (do they still?) I don't remember a selection of Samsung devices. And of course Apple stores don't offer the best price on Apple hardware anyway. If you just want the best price, you shop online or check out a retailer. The Apple store has a better shopping experience most of the time and I feel like that's why you would shop at one.
  • Trump demands TikTok sell U.S. arm by September 15 or cease operation

    What an idiot...him deciding to 'ban' apps? WHat's next, he 'bans' newspapers? This is ridiculous and sad. He's a frightened man-child.
  • Google to buy stake in ADT in $450M Google Nest security deal

    I’ll need to recheck this but I think ADT is a horrible company. They run their money through one of the island nations (incorporated there) so as to avoid fair taxation. And people bitch about Apple in Ireland. If this hasn’t changed it’s a pretty dirty bedfellow for Google.
  • iOS 14 leaks sprung from Apple's supply chain, distributed & sold on social media

    My guess is with all the tension between the countries that some in China may feel that 'sticking' it to Apple is a patriotic duty. The future for tech looks very confusing. It may be that countries only use and manufacture in country for devices or some such thing. This is rather ridiculous (will raise cost and delay progress) but it doesn't seem out of the question.
  • Editorial: No WSJ, Apple isn't stuck in China

    gatorguy said:
    knowitall said:
    I think, not being able to locally produce goods, was a self fullfilling prophecy of asshole (it) managers back then driven by squeezing the last penny out of almost loss making products.
    But we have several examples of attempts to build in America that failed. It wasn’t because of profitability or margins, it was because of product quality and expertise in manufacturing, which the United States lacked because it refuse to invest in people and plant. Granting massive tax breaks clearly wasn’t enough. The US should have invested in tech and it didn’t. 

    It should have invested in 5G but it didn’t. And now it should be investing in clean energy and it isn’t. Imaging how that will work out. 
    Wouldn't that be the job of private enterprise rather than the "gubment" to invest in plant and people?

    FWIW I think you're ignoring the valuable tech that our government has funded: Siri, GPS, the internet, Unix (Multics) to name some major ones, and the US agencies were early in on things like maps, the TOR browser, even a company who mitigates the damage from DDoS attacks.  Heck the US government had a hand in funding nearly all the root technology that makes the iPhone a smartphone from location (GPS) to its touch display, search and communication thru the internet, and creation of what became Apple's voice-activated assistant.
    No. private business focused about the short term. They don't do anything that won't pay back intimate payoff the CEO and stockholders. It is the Governments role to look ahead and point us in new directions. It has never been private business. Never. The BS going around with this POV is frustrating. Certain big things cannot be accomplished well by the private sector. Like healthcare for instance where middle-men insurance companies take most of the money OUT of the system of actual care. Infrastructure can't be built by private companies or it will only serve their needs in the short term. There is a place for private companies but to idealize their role and expect them to have some greater good in mind is short sighted. Battling pollution, dangerous chemicals, keeping water clean ETC, ETC - that's what the government is for. private business only wants as much money as they can get right now. Regulation is needed. And with the really big issues only the Government can do that.