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  • Apple's iPad still leading global tablet market despite Amazon surge

    gatorguy said:
    wood1208 said:
    Ipad is the best tablet all around. Amazon tablet market share is only due to dirt cheap price.
    That, and there's a whole lot of people who don't need anything more capable than an Amazon tablet. All they do is browse the internet, visit Facebook or whatever, check email and pay bills, read their books, and play a few relatively simple games. No one really needs an iPad to do those things.
    True. The iPad Pro is overkill for casual users. But the cost of the iPads on the low end is pretty darn good. But I think the money spent on even the entry level iPad is smarter than the savings buying into a Fire as the Fires just don’t last. The build quality is so low that it’s practically throw away tech. Can you even get a full year of use? 2? But I agree that if the goal is to just have some technology price allows for the Fire models to win. But I don’t think they inspire people to invest in the platform in a meaningful way. Ad supported technology does have a market.
  • US lawmakers urge Apple CEO Tim Cook to reinstate HKmap Live app

    If we are playing this card, then it better apply to everyone. Every company. Are they supporting China? Is Walmart? Can’t they protest the Chinese Govt? Should companies never follow requests from sovereign nations? Should they only if it’s a POV they support? 

    I honestly don’t know here. I think China is ridiculous. So paranoid they ban online chat they don’t like. Won’t allow open criticism etc. But at this point I’m not sure the US is a shining example of open, honest and representative political views.  But when do companies say enough is enough? The list of countries that are barbaric by western standards is long. How do we choose allies? Does Apple represent the US Govt or are they a private company? Should all companies follow US laws and sensibilities?
    I don’t know...I don’t think it’s as easy as just saying no to a request from any Govt agency. But maybe it is...
  • Apple TV vs. Roku -- comparing the two best 4K set-top streamers

    Soli said:
    1) Roku's CEO has been very clear that Roku is in the ad business, not the HW business. Consumer privacy is not something they care about. I didn't see this addressed in the review.

    2) I don't think listing "A10X Fusion" and "Quad-core processor" are helpful for potential buyers. Even if you listed various performance values that show which is faster it still wouldn't detail how well their systems work on their respective platforms. In my experience tvOS is considerably more refined, faster, and with fewer hiccups and crashes than the Roku's I've set up and used.

    Roku's been passable in my experience but certainly NOT refined in speed, interface or management and yes, they really want to get info and sell your habits. As for which is better, there isn't really a debate about 'better'. If you don't like Apple don't buy it. It will let you watch streaming TV.  If you are in the Apple ecosystem it's pretty darn robust from that POV and Roku can't come close.

  • Editorial: Mac Pro puts the pedal to Metal in Apple's race with Nvidia

    Someone pointed out that 'internet experts' would get in here and point out all of Apple's 'mistakes'...And they are here. Thanks internet... I'm amazed at some readers misunderstandings of the article being demonstrated here.

    1- Apple doesn't make Mac Pros for gamers to play games on. If you are looking to spend your time playing games - the VAST majority of humans use a mobile device now. If you are still interested in an X-Box or Playstation, welcome to 2003. I don't even know that many kids who care about consoles. 25 year old's, 30 year olds, maybe. But I wouldn't bet my future on console gaming.

    2- The Mac Pro is leveraging technology for professionals in various markets, like film and TV production where the editor or whomever (SPFX Sup., animation pipeline ETC) doesn't game on their work hardware. They tend to do work on it.

    3- I don't think Apple is looking to become a defecto game development platform nor does it care about the 80% of PC games that no one plays for more than 6 months. if they can leverage some development from iOS to the Mac, I can see why they would like that and how it would benefit them.

    4- The article was well written and researched. I'm an old fart - was at GDC's back in the early 2000's and Macworlds (1995 first one I attended in person) back then too. Apple doesn't focus on games on the Mac. They NEVER have - even when they sort-of-seemed-to. I've listened to 'gamer on mac' arguments for like 25 years. If gaming is the thing that motivates your technology buying, then don't buy a Mac. You have choices.

    Anyway, I think Apple is doing what Apple has always done. Creating a platform of integrated elements that can't be beat for what they target. Please buy some Surface and Windows machines if you don't like the Mac offerings. They are there for you. But bitc**** about the Mac Pro because it won't game the way you want seems pretty silly. But if you work in media you can at least appreciate the specs of the machine and you'd have to admit, nothing else comes close right now.
  • Compared: Apple's iPhone 11 Pro Max versus the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 10+

    OK...this entire 'review' is more than a bit of sloppy writing. I'm sorry but I think this needs to be called out.

    One example - " Putting aside debatable elements like the merits of iOS over Android or the long-time rivalry between the two companies " so you are comparing ONLY on hardware specs?

    What about the speed of the os on its given hardware?

    And what two companies? 'Android' isn't a company. I'd guess you meant to imply Samsung, but I'm not sure there is a rivalry with Apple.  Does Samsung make an OS? A computer? Does Apple make washers and dryers? I just think all kinds of things are being confused and tossed in this piece in order not to hurt feelings. And if you are actually doing a review and than saying 'but we won't look at the os' what is the point? Just run tech specs, take your free Samsung phones and move on. Honestly, this is a badly written and rather silly piece. I'm not attacking the writer. I'm criticizing the entire editorial system that puts this out. By the end I don't know what I've read, if the reviewer has an opinion (most reviewers have opinions...that's OK. Explain your opinion and let others decide) but don't pretend all is equal, i love everything, boy these are both so good...why bother writing it then?