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  • AirPower wireless charging mat for Apple Watch and iPhone arriving in March, claims supply...

    I have a Qi charger we got free as a gift.  I use it with my iPhone X.  I really see no need to plunk down whatever they'll want for this product.  Even if you fully deplete your AirPods each day, you'd get 4-5 days of charges out of the case.  Jut plug it in and you're good.  
  • President Trump mentions Apple's pending US investment in State of the Union address

    frankie said:
    Of course he does.  He needs to take credit for anything to stoke his ego, even though all of this money was already earmarked to be spent on regular employees, etc in the first place. 

    Where are the ACTUAL jobs?  From what I've read Apple will now spend HALF of what it did last year on taxes, which is already a joke.

    I love Apple products but give me a break.
    Love or hate Trump, you really can’t spin this in such a way that it didn’t have anything to do with the tax bill. And the tax bill is directly a result of Trump pushing for it.
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  • Tips: If you're holding off on macOS High Sierra, turn off upgrade notifications for good

    Top Tip! Now, how to make my iPhone stop badgering me with updates? Or 'finishing setup' because I've disabled FaceID?
    Or Apple Pay.  I finally did it just to shut off the damn notification.  
  • Jony Ive recalls how Steve Jobs taught him to say no, especially when it hurts to do it

    justme12 said:
    Hey Jony - you should have said no to the camera bump and the notch. Steve not only would have said no - he would have laughed that you thought they were design options. 
    Another guy who doesn't get how things work in real life. There are what we in real life call "constraints", such as the physics and physical space required for light optics in lens elements. Note that nearly every single leading smartphone camera now has a bump. And guess what? Non-OCD normal people don't give a shit. 

    As for trotting out Jobs ghost, congrats on using a very old, very bogus troll trope. You don't know what he would or would not have done or thought because you are a random person a rumors site with no actual personal knowledge or data relevant to anything other than spouting off personal opinions. And you know what they say about opinions and assholes.

    As much as I think justme12 is going overboard with those criticisms, I do think he has a point.  Steve probably would have said no to the bump, and maybe the notch.  The former is exactly the kind of detail that would send him into a rage.  This is the guy that had to make sure the original Mac had wiring that was straight and clean aesthetically...inside the machine.  

    I also think you're going overboard yourself.  You don't need to attack him.  He  has every right to express his opinion.  Steve's penchant for detail and smooth, sleek design was as well known as his temper.  You don't need "data" to opine on what Steve may have done.  We know who he was.  We know the kind of products he'd get behind.  Aesthetics were everything to him.  This is the guy who approved the Cube and the sunflower iMac for Christ's sake!  
  • Qualcomm accuses Foxconn & other Apple suppliers of breach of contract

    Rayz2016 said:
    I have trouble understanding how this is supposed to work. 

    They charge Pegatron for using their tech when making devices for Apple. 
    So what is Apple being charged for if the don't manufacture devices themselves?

    I have no idea what the agreements said, but it looks to me like they can charge Apple or charge Pegatron, but I don't see how they can charge both companies for making the same unit. 

    Qualcomm charges Pegatron (for example) for using Qualcomm's tech when making Apple products.  

    Apple then reimburses Pegatron under the terms of an agreement between all parties (or separate agreements).  

    That means Apple ultimately pays Qualcomm for licensing. What Apple is saying is that Qualcomm is overcharging.  Apple finally decided to withhold its reimbursement to companies like Pegatron, and instructed them not to pay Qualcomm's fees anymore.  Apple is also suing Qualcomm over the issue, and Qualcomm is countersuing both Apple and the manufacturers (partially to force them to pay no matter what Apple says).