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  • Apple TV+ launches on November 1, for $4.99 per month

    Meh - not impressed as a stand alone service.  Signed up with the Disney+ Founders special (3 years for $140) mainly because it's Disney and the back catalog is enormous. If I were to do it, as some others pointed out I'd sign up for a month, binge watch a few shows and probably un-sub.  Just not enough there to justify a continual subscription.  

    However what was brilliant is the "buy an Apple device and get a year free".  That was very smart.  As I said in another thread, look how long it took Amazon Prime Video to ramp up.  It has a much deeper catalog than Apple and was also included for free as part of another offering.  Streaming is about momentum and habits, so whoever came up with the bundle with hardware took a page from the Amazon playbook with an Apple spin - bravo!  AppleTV+ might not be stillborn after all.
  • Apple launches new 10.2-inch 7th generation iPad with Smart Connector

    Loved everything i saw... and new services pricing are insanely good.. no brainer for me !.......... BUT........ What about the iPad Pros??? Given that they introduced the new 10.2 in this event.. does that mean there is no more special event for iPad Pro? And no new iPAD Pro for this year............ Kind of confusing.. leaving those of us interested in limbo! ......... Why introduce the 10.2 at this event .. if there will be another iPad event? Makes no sense!
    iPad Pro has never been updated on an annual basis...
  • Apple unveils new Apple Watch Series 5, with always on screen

    So now on the Apple website I can order either a Series 5 or Series 3. What happened to Series 4? I wanted a lower price on an ECG capable watch, but that's not possible now.

    Other sites like BestBuy still have them - better  get 'em while they last!  Also don't forget Apple refurbs.  I've bought LOTS of refurbished Apple gear over the years and never had a problem with them treating it differently on the rare times I needed support. 
  • Apple unveils new Apple Watch Series 5, with always on screen

    bigtds said:
    Cool watch but 18hrs battery life is still pretty bad. 
    Not at all - I never wore watches to bed - mechanical or otherwise.  Instead of putting a mechanical watch in a stand I put my Apple Watch in its stand and it charges well before I awake.  If you wan't something you can wear continuously then you will have to switch to devices that don't offer as much functionality.  And if you don't need/want the functionality the Apple Watch offers there's nothing wrong with using any of the other alternatives including wearing a mechanical watch or no watch at all.  

    For me the Apple Watch does exactly what I want and more - it's a remote screen for my phone, a silent and reliable way to get notifications and the bonus for me is the health tracking.  Certainly not why I was originally interested in, but now consider mandatory functionality.  

    I was a bit disappointed there were no new health sensors and instead we got a compass - meh.  I suppose if you often leave your phone behind, especially for the cellular watch users, it could be a compelling feature.  Nice to see them still iterating.  

    The always on screen was a nice surprise - and that affects battery too.  I'm amazed they think they can keep the same runtime despite adding a significant drain with the screen (even with the tricks it's still a significant new draw on power!).
  • Here's what Apple's new U1 chip in the iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Pro does

    Very happy about this - if it allows my smart home to more accurately track where I am in the home. 

    I wonder if the new Apple Watch has it too...