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  • Editorial: Does Apple have the mettle to fight for Mac success in the Pro market?

    We CAN actually do everything we want, we just may not like it cuz it isn't "pretty" or "clean". 
    eGPU is max 4x PCI express lanes.  Native slots offer up to 16x - it's not remotely the same.
  • Hollywood studios hit by Avid shutdowns on Mac Pro [u]

    Note the mention of iLok copy protection.  Copy protection software is basically a root kit running on your machine.  If there's any shade to be thrown I'd start focusing on that crap first. 
  • Apple Watch Series 5 -- hands on and first impressions

    The titanium is intriguing, but I still prefer the lightest weight option - aluminum.  Which, as a Cheap Bastard™, also rewards me from that perspective too :)

    It's nice that all the aluminum colors are the same price now - charging more for black when it debuted was obnoxious.  

    The Milanese Loop is indeed a work of metal art, but I've been extremely pleased with the velcro loop bands (whatever they call them) - light weight and astonishingly durable.  I garden and do other crap with the watch on and the dirt rinses right out and the band dries amazingly fast.  Whatever material Apple made them from was chosen wisely!
  • Microsoft should have been Apple's challenger in mobile, says Bill Gates

    Microsoft, like most companies, wasn't willing to "knife the baby" - they couldn't let go of Windows desktop as the center of the universe and paid the price.

    Apple has embraced their products being eclipsed by the natural follow on - and ensured they were eclipsed by another Apple product.  Witness iPod to iPhone.  Microsoft just couldn't get their head wrapped around that and they paid the price for it with Windows, Windows, Windows!

    That's why Satya Nadella was a much needed change.  He got Microsoft back into being a software company and not a Windows company. 

    Microsoft as a software company is not a company I'd bet against.  Back in the day, much of the best Mac software came from Microsoft. 
  • Apple debuts new $5999 Mac Pro with up to 28-core Xeon processors

    canukstorm said:
    You seriously think that a stand is worth $999?
    Luckily it's optional and every monitor comes with a standard VESA mount.  

    But yeah, for $1K it better do a whole lot more than hold the monitor up  :#

    I wonder how much this beast will weigh and what a good desk or wall mount arm will cost?  I suspect the Apple stand at $1K may be a bargain (that screen is HUGE and probably pretty hefty).

    And is this the introduction of the third or fourth Apple proprietary connector to combine video and power?  The more things change the more....
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