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  • Apple planning to ditch Intel chips in Macs for its own custom silicon in 2020

    StrangeDays said:
    You mean like the entirely brand new iMac Pro released just this past winter?
    That still thermal throttles because for some reason Apple thinks people care about thin on a desktop - even for "Pro" computers?!?

    Ugh.  The Mac as a platform hardware wise is the weakest it's ever been.  I keep hoping my existing Mac's don't crap out on me until some laptops with keyboards that survive a sneeze appear and a real desktop computer appears.  
  • Apple and TSMC starting Apple Watch MicroLED display mass production later this year

    I just hope they don't make the panels in China.  Keep the tech out of those IP thieves hands!
  • Matias' wired, backlit Mac keyboard serves as replacement for discontinued Apple version

    My mom got a 5K iMac over Christmas and I was pleasantly surprised to find out the latest extended keyboard works just fine as a wired keyboard when plugged in. You can completely disable Bluetooth and it still works just fine. 

    No backlight tho - that would be a nice upgrade. 

    BTW - free and immediate swap for keyboard with keypad if you buy your iMac at an Apple store vs having to wait weeks if you customize online; just a tip for anyone getting a new iMac and who wants a keyboard with a numeric keypad quickly. 
  • iMac Pro testing shows 10-core model dramatically faster than any other Mac on intensive t...

    You mean when you put desktop parts instead of laptop parts in a desktop computer you get massive increases in performance?

    Get out of here!
  • Apple's 14- & 18-core iMac Pro configurations won't ship until 2018

    tht said:

    They do need a black anodized aluminum+glass external monitor to go with the iMac Pro though. The wait for the Mac Pro and external monitors is a long wait. That machine has to go to 2 Xeon sockets and 2 GPUs to even differentiate itself from the iMac Pro; and, something like 4 5K montiors or 3 8K monitors.
    I hope not (2 Xeon sockets).  It dramatically restricts the chips and refresh cycles (and jacks up the pricing too!).  Being able to have flexibility with graphics and other cards is paramount and I hope Apple really did hear the complaints like they insist they did for the new Mac Pro.  A single socket model with at least 16 lane PCI slots would be my minimum if they are going to bother producing a modular Mac Pro.

    My 2010 Mac Pro has 16 threads - 8 cores spread across two chips with hyperthreading - heck I can get a CPU with 16 real cores now, so please let’s drop the complexity, cost and severe restrictions in chipsets that multiple sockets bring.  

    Give me PCI Express Sockets and a boatload of RAM sockets.