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  • iOS 14 MAC randomization privacy feature may cause Cisco enterprise network issues

    Grayeagle said:
    IMO, iOS14 is an unmitigated disaster.

    Thank goodness I just updated my secondary iPhone to check it out.
    I'm an elderly sleeper and have to set my alarm accordingly, both for the night, and in the daytime.  Ha! The Alarm hnow has to be set using the Health app.  And the Health bases your sleep it on an 8-hour cycle. Changing wake and sleep times is a b***h. 

    Also, it doesn't like my selection of an IMAP mail server, and keeps trying to steer me to one of its favorites. 

    I've just turned OFF the automatic updates in both my primary iPhone and iPad. 

    Am I nuts, or just plainly senile?
    I just looked in the Clock app and in the Alarm pane when you scroll to the very top of your list of alarms, the Sleep alarms are still there - and seems the screens it take you to when changing them are fancier than before. 
  • Sonos cutting support for older devices starting in May

    jimh2 said:
    This is being seriously overplayed. The products will continue to work, but they won’t get anymore updates. My vehicles that are a few years old have not had any features added to it. Should I expect Toyota to buck up?
    Indeed the older products will still work - the issue is that newer Sonos kit that is supported and upgradeable will not be allowed to upgrade if your older products are in the same Sonos network alongside the new kit. 

  • Sonos cutting support for older devices starting in May

    I get that the older models will no longer receive updates as they don’t have the specs to deal with the latest new features (my Play:5 doesn’t support AirPlay 2 for instance) - fair enough.

    What I do object to is that if I keep my perfectly useable Play:5 in my Sonos system, then all my other, newer Sonos investments will be blocked from updates. That stinks. 

    Surely it’s feasible to provide a software solution to ring fence older kit?

    Come on Sonos - keep your customers loyal and likely to recommend your products to new customers rather than coercing them into an upgrade cycle that erodes that loyalty. New customers will benefit your bottom line far greater than reluctant upgrades from your existing customer base (that is likely to diminish with this sort of tactic).

  • Apple initiates Smart Battery Case replacement program for iPhone XS, XS Max, XR

    I am already on my second XR case. I bought the first case soon after it was launched but by April 2019 was demonstrating all the bad behaviours reported above and I logged a service visit to my local Apple store and they replaced it (although I had to revisit to collect as it counted as a replacement part and they had to ship one to the store - despite there being plenty of them on retail display!).

    My second case has similarly degraded to the point that I no longer use it - it’s in a drawer - and I intended to go back to Apple but held back because it was a bit of a hassle previously to get a replacement. Seems now I can get a replacement with a single visit (🤞) so I’ll be taking advantage of this right away.

    Interestingly I had similar problems with an Apple battery case for an iPhone 7 soon after those were launched - same behaviours - the replacement didn’t degrade though.