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  • Google I/O 2016: Android's failure to innovate hands Apple free run at WWDC

    And yet my Twitter feed is full of tech writers and Apple bloggers talking about how great I/O was and how Apple really has to bring it at WWDC. The last ATP podcast was all doom and gloom, and Marco even has a post up now comparing Apple to Blackberry.

    I wish there was some place we could get decent Apple reporting that wasn't either D&G silly panic or everything's great Apple's the best they make all the $$$ blah blah blah. If these AI pieces are meant to reassure I don't think they do. If everything was peaches and cream there would be no need to write these pieces in the first place.
    I may be wrong and I believe Horace Dediu of Asymco is right how are those tech companies going to monetise whatever AI they are into. Money out must be equalled by more money in.
  • True Religion deploys Apple Watch to salespeople in NY & LA, plans up to 30 more stores

    NY1822 said:
    apple ][ said:
    Count me out!

    I do not want to be walking into any store and the sales person immediately knows my entire purchasing history, what the most expensive item that I bought was, what I ate for dinner last night and when I last took a dump.

    Two thumbs down!
    don't forget, you have the option of linking your social media pages also...hahaha..this has stalking written all over girl walks in to buy some jeans ...perv salesperson won't leave her alone and starts stalking her Facebook/Instagram 
    Your imagination is better than the guy featured in the samsung gear ad. Find out more and then let your imagination runs wild.
  • Apple hires Google X lab cofounder, former Nest head of technology to work on health projects

    cali said:

    You can bet she wasn't allowed enough creative input. Going from GoogX to Nest, REALLY? And nothing has gotten done?

    I would have went to Apple too. You know, where stuff is actually happening.
    Aww man.  That's cold.  LOL

    Seriously I think Nest will close down soon because it is considered to be a $3 Billion joke by other Googlers.

    Time will tell.

    This site is promoting the doom of google -
  • US shoppers increasingly buying iPhones from carriers instead of Apple

    Strange the latest thing I heard was the carriers are trying to steer the customers away from iPhones so how can they be selling more and besides which carriers are supplying their sales data to this research company.

    Pure guess work....
  • Will Apple's 9.7" iPad Pro take a chunk out of Microsoft Windows?

    Good opinion but totally irrelevant. You're reading it all wrong.

    Apple did not position the iPad Pro as a Windows PC replacement.

    There was a slide saying "Ultimate PC replacement" but prior to that slide Phil Schiller said "...many of them [windows users] will find that it's their ultimate PC replacement". See the keynote movie at 46:30.

    What is wrong with that?

    Many of them... If you knowingly or unknowingly disregard that "many of them" part, you're just mixing-up everything.
    I believe Schiller was referring to the basic stuffs these 600m PC users are using their PCs for namely answering emails, surfing the net, participate in social media etc. The heavy lifting work is still done on the desktops and laptops running the full OS.