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  • It is past time for Bloomberg to retract or unequivocally prove the iCloud spy chip story

    postwick said:
    //the picture it uses to illustrate the size of the alleged chip appears to be a mundane directional gate.//

    That's exactly what it is. One of the experts cited in the article (Fitzpatrick) explained in an interview that the Bloomberg journalist sent him an email asking what a directional gate would look like, so he sent back a link to one in an online catalog. It was exactly that photo from the online catalog that was used in the article, per Fitzpatrick. 
    This is what Fitzpatrick said

    "Even sources used in the original story are confused about what’s going on. The cybersecurity podcast Risky Business interviewed one of the few named sources in the original Businessweek article, hardware security expert Joe Fitzpatrick, who expressed doubts about the article, and said he had never been contacted by any Bloomberg fact-checker. Fitzpatrick was used as an expert source to comment on the technical details of what Bloomberg described and does not have any firsthand knowledge of the actual alleged hack.

    “I have the expertise to look at the technical details and I have the knowledge to look at the technical details and see that they’re jumbled. They’re not outright wrong, but they are theoretical.” Fitzpatrick, a well known hardware security trainer, told Risky Business founder and host Patrick Gray. “I see a lot of details that I gave out of context, so I’m not an expert judge on quality of journalism, but I definitely have my doubts on this one.”

  • Apple's Chinese price cuts provided only temporary sales improvement

    This guy can write any number he likes because Apple is not going to report the sales number of iPhones same as Crammer when he was shorting Apple stock he can publish any bs he liked because Apple is not going to refute the number.
  • Apple being sued because two-factor authentication on an iPhone or Mac takes too much time...

    It is time for the court to make the loser of the case to pay for court time and lawyers' fees otherwise there will be no end o this sort of frivolous cases.
  • Three iPhones likely coming in Sept. 2019, with one a refresh of the LCD iPhone XR

    Funny that a 3 cameras phone will make one a better photographer. 
    Also funny that we buy a phone because of its camera. 
    Funnier that we are telling Apple what to do as if we have all thief data. 
    Hilarious that hitting the bottom in pricing will help a company to sustain itself in the long run. 
  • Apple says some 2018 iPad Pro units ship with bent chassis, not considered a defect

    dunks said:
    Apple on Wednesday confirmed "some" 2018 iPad Pro models ship out to consumers with a slightly bent chassis, though the company says the deformation does not degrade performance and is not considered a defect. 
    Translation: The defect is widespread and would be too expensive for us to acknowledge, retool and replace affected units.

    Alternative translation: Apple are first to market with a curved display tablet.

    Apple Marketing translation: An iPad so powerful it bends the space-time continuum!
    I can only say this, there are two things one can do return it and get a refund or start a suit to create a stink. It’s a choice the buyer  has a choice.