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  • Apple upgrades 2013 Mac Pros with more cores & faster GPUs

    gerry g said:
    given what might be available processor wise in the next twelve months I'd hate leap too soon and upgrade to this
    Isn't it strange, many complaint that Apple has not update their Mac Pro and now they did, you said you wouldn't be buying it. Make up your mind.
  • Editorial: An ad-free, premium social network... from Apple

    Most of this is good analysis, but when Daniel talks about "Fake news", don't forget he's a hard core marxist.
    "Fake news" has an actual meaning. It refers specifically to invented stories published to troll or make money. You might get upset by media reports that you don't like or assume to be biased, but that's another thing entirely. The rest of your word salad is as completely nuts as the president's 4AM tweets.
    "Fake news" is itself a propaganda term created by the Left to suppress dissent. Thanks to the President's unwillingness to play along with that game, it's really blown up in the faces of CNN, BuzzFeed and the many mainstream outlets that have been pushing it.

    I suspect this thread will soon be locked, so with regard to Apple creating yet another social network, I just don't see it. They're bad at it. They can't make money at it and it's not in their DNA. 
    I normally find your argument very logical but this one really piqued my curiosity as to why you consider 'fake news' as a propaganda terms by the Left to suppress dissent so in other words you are saying fake news are factual news that one can counter check with other websites. Is there a sarcasm tag missing or you really meant whatever you are saying that you are a trump supporter.
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  • Apple's new 'Sticker Fight' ad for iPhone 7 emphasizes iMessage feature

    This is a fun commercial and even though I am old but I know my grand children will love it when I apply stickers to the messages to them. Face it everything Apple do is controversial, either you love it or you hate it.
  • Apple's corporate reputation in slow decline, market research suggests

    "Reputation Institute" (suppresses uncontrolled laughter)

    Click bait stuff always get the attention of ai.
  • Contradictory report cites 5 Apple wireless charging teams on 'iPhone 8,' no tech breakthr...

    bigpics said:
    I don't enjoy being the skunk at the perfume party, but among all the technorati, who are supposedly among the most scientifically literate segment of the population, when this (wireless charging) is brought up, the inefficiency of the process (i.e., all the generated electricity just pissed out into the "ether") is seldom if ever mentioned.  

    You might say we're only talking about a few thousand milliamps, but take that times 2 or 3 billion devices mostly charged everyday, and hello more global climate change.

    I will stick with wired charging for as long as it's available.

    OK, you may now return to your wish-listing as Gaia weeps..... 

    What you said reminded me of this group of pundits who want the Apple Watch to function independently of the iPhone without thoughts of the battery life of the device.