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  • Apple working with Consumer Reports on MacBook Pro battery findings, says Phil Schiller

    I am curious how many pay attention to CR.  I have never bothered and have had great results with what I use.
    Judging from the reactions here and elsewhere -- not to mention attracting the attention of Apple itself -- I guess plenty of people do. The fact that you "have never bothered" amounts to one data point that's neither here nor there.

    Yes I paid top dollars to buy a MacBook Pro to use safari and nothing else.

    If they had tested the MacBook Pro with other applications then I am more of a believer other than that should believe what they had tested.

    Yes Schiller should not be so defensive and let the trolls enjoy their day in the sun.../s

  • Apple shift to TMSC for iPhone may force Samsung to split chip design, fabrication businesses

    This one's too late for Samsung. Apple has moved to TSMC. If Apple makes another move to a new fab, it will be to Intel. 

    Qualcom has serious issues of their own with Apple moving to Intel for the cellular modem. With Mediatek producing low cost SoCs and LG also looking to produce their own SOC, QCOM's CPU sales are going to tank. 

    QCOM is planning on entering the server market, but competing with Intel on pure performance where price sensitivity is not much of an issue is an effort in futility. 

    Samsung will not be saved by QCOM. And when all is said and done, QCOM will also be moving to TSMC as that company has a fierce tailwind driving it in the form of Apple. They will offer greater performance at lower cost than Samsung as a result of the investments they can make because of the profits enabled by Apple. 

    It would be amusing to see Samsung's chip designers move to TSMC fabs because Samsung's fabs aren't as capable. 

    That being said, I still believe that Intel will be manufacturing Apple's SoCs one day in the not too distant future and TSMC themselves may find the loss of Apple's business quite crippling also. Intel can integrate the modem into the SOC and have that incredible memory product, 3D XPoint. Things that TSMC cannot provide. 
    Apple will never move to Intel for their SoC chip and you can quote me in this. 

    Asking Intel to make their chips is as good as committing suicide. 

    Figure it it out yourself. 
  • Apple makes case for Apple Watch Series 2 Christmas gifts in new ad series

    wizard69 said:
    I have the Series 2, I love it and use it daily.

     I must be getting old, I can't see the relevance in such quick advertising. You barely get a taste of the theme.

    this wouldn't entice me! But I hope it does inspire other would be buyers.

    What i find inexplicable is the timing, which in my mind is a bit late for Christmas shopping.  You dont start an advertising champsigne after you sales problem crops up.  Frankly it is things like this that bother me more about the new Apple than all the whining about drawn out product releases.  
    No it is not too late.

    Many of us do last minute shopping and the ads are timed just right to change our mind on what we have decided earlier.

    Marketing is about timing and what works and Apple know more about us and our shopping habits than we armchair critics.
  • Apple makes case for Apple Watch Series 2 Christmas gifts in new ad series

    I am still baffled by tech pundits saying things like they should be able to make calls with the Apple Watch or it should run independent of the iPhone or the battery last forever, etc. Since these pundit are not into technology and manufacturing I doubt they have any idea what sort of technology is needed to make these kinds of ideas work and that's why they are still writers because all they know is to type and regurgitate what others are saying without a mind to understand anything how technology works. One more things ads work because they are repeated many times over and after watching them a few times the mind will see things we miss the time time we see the ads.
  • Invite-only meeting details state of AI, machine learning research inside Apple's halls

    blastdoor said:
    blastdoor said:
    I've assumed that Apple's approach to AI would involve smarter client devices than Google's (which skews towards thinner clients). 

    Not only is that consistent with Apple's privacy policies, it's also consistent with Apple's comparative advantages in SOC design. 

    I like the idea of Apple having a large ecosystem of smart devices that talk to each other rather than dumb devices that all act as the tentacles of a Cloud Monster. 

    It bums me out, though, when Apple seems unable to keep all of those smart devices up to date! 

    "It bums me out, though, when Apple seems unable to keep all of those smart devices up to date! "

    What do you mean by that?

    It's the middle of the holiday shopping season. These products that have not been updated in a year or more:
    Mac Pro -- 1084 days
    iMac -- 421 days
    Mac Mini -- 783 days
    12.9" iPad Pro -- 392 days (ignoring price drop, which isn't really an update)
    iPod Touch -- 511 days
    Apple TV -- 408 days

    So you reckon Apple should update their products for the sake of updating and not try to make them significantly better with every update.