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  • Invite-only meeting details state of AI, machine learning research inside Apple's halls

    blastdoor said:
    blastdoor said:
    I've assumed that Apple's approach to AI would involve smarter client devices than Google's (which skews towards thinner clients). 

    Not only is that consistent with Apple's privacy policies, it's also consistent with Apple's comparative advantages in SOC design. 

    I like the idea of Apple having a large ecosystem of smart devices that talk to each other rather than dumb devices that all act as the tentacles of a Cloud Monster. 

    It bums me out, though, when Apple seems unable to keep all of those smart devices up to date! 

    "It bums me out, though, when Apple seems unable to keep all of those smart devices up to date! "

    What do you mean by that?

    It's the middle of the holiday shopping season. These products that have not been updated in a year or more:
    Mac Pro -- 1084 days
    iMac -- 421 days
    Mac Mini -- 783 days
    12.9" iPad Pro -- 392 days (ignoring price drop, which isn't really an update)
    iPod Touch -- 511 days
    Apple TV -- 408 days

    So you reckon Apple should update their products for the sake of updating and not try to make them significantly better with every update.
  • iPhones account for 8 of top 10 cameras in 2016 Flickr report, Apple celebrates by offering Portrai

    sflocal said:
    , along with a new Portrait mode that uses a dramatic depth of field effect for DLSR-rivaling background bokeh that focuses the viewer's attention on the foreground subject.
    Quit making shit up AI.  That "dramatic depth-of-field effect" you're fabricating is background blurring.  It is not even remotely in the same league as true bokeh.

    I love how the iPhone takes photos, and it is great everyday camera.  In no way do any of the photos rival my Canon 5DM3 dSLR.  If you stopped sensationalizing that ho-hum effect as "DSLR-rivaling", many of us would not even be calling you out.

    It's a nifty feature that Apple is doing, but a digital mockup of an analog effect is still a mockup.  Enough with the hyping.
    At least we have a choice of taking great pics with blurred background without having to break the bank. I bet you your equipment cost 3 to 4x more than the iPhone and it can't even take calls.
  • Apple scaling back iPhone 7 production as early demand fades - report

    spice-boy said:
    I think the reason Apple extended the iPhone 6 design into the 7 model is because the new design which will be introduced as the 8 was not ready in time for the 7. A lot of people are predicting that 8 will be a radical change in design, materials with some new pony tricks. I tend to hold onto my iPhones for 3 years so I don't really care but I am puzzled by people that upgrade every year for what recently has been minor changes (3D touch) and camera improvements. 
    If only all the MacBook Pro, Mac mini and Mac Pro buyers buy them every year and Apple will be faster with a refresh for them irregardless of whatever Intel is doing.
  • LG's UltraFine 5K Display gets unboxing treatment in new video

    I believe none of those who commented bought the last iteration of Apple products. The funny thing is they can't leave the past because it is more comfortable.
  • Jony Ive speaks on means and methods of 'Designed by Apple in California' book

    Yeah, I mean it's like Jamie Oliver teaching how to cook!! Sorry to be blunt, but you're wrong. Copying a recipe for success won't turn another company into Apple. You can't look at this book and suddenly replicate Apple's culture. A culture is about values and they must be internal. How they work is born of their values as people and what they see as important. This book and the accompanying video is Apple putting design itself on a pedestal. It's good for the brand to show the outside world to what degree they value this stuff. And it's good for internal teams within Apple to remind themselves why Apple exists and how it views itself. This is something Samsung cannot copy. But you miss that nuance.

    You'll run yourself into an early grave the way you're going. No amount money or whatever value you have on your AAPL shares is worth your constant complaining. Give yourself a break. Take up daily meditation or something. I never in a million years thought I'd need it but for 9 months now I meditate once or twice a day. You might try it. Might calm down your need to control the world for a while and improve your health. Life's too short. All this giving out isn't getting you anywhere. Have a think about it.
    Good point about cooking cooking, I know and I do a good bit of it. One can follow as closely as one can on a recipe but the ending may be great or plain lousy. Knowing the recipe wouldn't makes one a good cook. SOG35 the troll, time to crawl back to that wet place under the rock which you called home.