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  • Justice Department takes aim at Google Chrome for potential big-tech breakup

    I've been a political activist for 60 years. Proud working class roots...and a geek as part of my work since getting online in 1983.  1920's political and economic analysis is more than out-of-date in some arenas.  It is absurd.  Forcing a firm like Google to split off their browser group into a separate company would be laughable - if the idjits in Congress could figure out how to laugh at more than, say, poor people dying of inadequate healthcare, housing and education.

    They could increase the cost of doing business for a free product.  Yeah, yeah, I hear all the yammering from competitors.  Virtually all of that is rooted in competing with an existing company, established infrastructure, experienced staff...often, a full treasury.  Sucks, doesn't it?  Maybe our government bureaucrats can help out?  Aside from a level playing field, there needn't be much more.  In fact, more would be unfair in most cases.

    This brouhaha isn't going to be about the "little guy" getting a fair chance.  It's about smallish to mid-level corporations trying to climb up to and over trail-breakers in most cases.
  • UK school network buys 30,000 iPads for pupils

    Have to disagree, Winston.  No shortage of decent iPad cases w/keyboard built-in.  I’ve trialed a few over the years and they all worked fine.  With the advantages of Apple hardware providing flexibility and higher resolution.  Nowadays, with 2 iPads in use at once + Apple TV, my wife and I keep a Bluetooth keyboard on a corner table in the living room.  Handy when needed.
  • Twitter gains custom hashtag for #AppleEvent through September 28

    "Watch the latest on AppleInsider TV"...with NO link.

    So, is this your name for a video podcast, a streaming channel, what?
  • White House set to entirely ban TikTok from App Store

    If Trump wasn't so inept, he'd bring back the goosestep. He's already shown his willingness to go for a "Heil" salute.
  • Hackers release 'unc0ver' 5.0 jailbreak tool that works on iOS 13.5

    The all-inclusive anti-corporate whine is as much of a religion as any of the official variety.  As useless, as boring.  

    I've fought many individual corporations, generally, on the shop floor organizing employees into a union to have a mechanism to fight for their rights.  That does not, however, prescribe that some corporations can't and won't continue to reflect humanist values held important important by founders, support education broadly rather than only useful to corporate ends, etc., etc..