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  • Security experts have concerns about Apple and Google contact tracing

    Phew!  So nice to land somewhere with reasonable, informed adult minds involved in discussion.  Our (NM) governor held a safe, accessible press conference the other day and I wandered over to Twitter to give her a couple of kudos...and stumbled into a vile shitstorm of fools.  Apparently, the dregs leftover from John Birch Society fronts have decided sheltering and other methodologies with a useful history are a subversive leftwing plot.

    I couldn't help myself.  I wasted 5 minutes hollering at the ignoranus brigade before realizing they weren't worth recognizing much less responding to.

    Just another reason why the world of geeks and our own flavors of left and right are still preferable to the crap minds thriving in "mainstream" America.

    All right.  I apologize for being long-winded.  Just prologue to saying the software coalition between Apple and Google will be self-limiting to individuals and gatherings already accustomed to thinking and reason common to the tech world.  The rest of our nation will probably stick to relying on local TV.
  • Will the COVID-19 disaster sink Apple's premium hardware?

    Is the article too long?  Ayup.  Are the comments relevant, predictive?  Not especially.  AppleCar?  It is to laugh (even though it's not likely any commenters are old enough to remember the heart of the Cold War).
  • Editorial: Apple's impact from social distancing in 2020

    I'm a reasonably ancient geek.  And I have to thank you for this article.  I grouse and criticize the corporate groupthink of so many folks writing about tech...and no longer waste time trying to respond directly to the sycophants responsible.  Your adjective count may wander a bit high; something I can smile about since I'm often guilty of the same pleasure.  But, it surely is a delight to sit here at the breakfast table and quote to my equally geeky wife...a phrase like "contemptuous cacophonies of complaints".  One of her tasks before retiring from the thrilling world of banking was oversight of tech support.  She has the patience of a saint.

    So, thanks from the wide open spaces of New Mexico.  COVID-19 remains a danger.  It hasn't changed our quiet hermit retired lifestyle.  Thanks to inventive technology and geeks from Jobs and Woz...Cook, et al, we live in a world with no boundaries, no end in sight - outside the domain of small-minded parasites.
  • After two months, Apple TV+ lacks a breakout hit

    The "Servant" absolutely rocks with talented writing, direction, acting. Worthy of peer recognition and awards.  Just about the only item in the streaming universe with a day/date release schedule that governs my watching.  Required viewing.  Very likely, re-viewing once the season ends and we're waiting for the next.
  • US lawmaker asks Apple if it requires apps like TikTok to disclose foreign affiliation

    Always warms the cockles of your heart to witness liberals and conservatives sharing the same values: bigotry, opportunism, hypocrisy.