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  • AirPods with biometric sensors need to be accurate - and Apple is working on that

    So, Siri could holler at old geezers like me, "This is your reminder to stand up straight!"
  • Apple working on biometric identification beyond Touch ID and Face ID

    Next time you go to the county fair, you can be dazzled by Madame Amazo and her high-tech, fortune telling palm-reading.
  • Prominent Apple apps in App Store search results face more criticism

    So?   That seems right to me:  If I am looking for an app -- say a spreadsheet program -- I will want to see what Apple has to offer more than anything else.
    Absolutely ditto.  There are 4 grocery store chains in the overall mix we buy from for our household.  Generally, no more than 2 on a weekend shopping trip to town.  Each has something closely identified with their brand and offerings and that's what gets us in the door.  I have no interest in anyone of those being my exclusive source...even if their management would prefer it so. At the same time, I expect to find their house brands and others closely associated with their style to be featured.  Why make it more difficult?
  • Editorial: Apple Arcade is likely to drive a new A12X Apple TV

    elijahg said:
    lkrupp said:
    Despite being a pioneer, AppleTV is now a massive underachiever. They’ve been pretty convincingly overtaken by Roku. If it weren’t for my photos and my music, I’d pretty much jettison both mine. The remote is an insufferable joke. 

    Faster processors and Arcade and Jennifer Anniston and such ain’t going to cut it. 
    Could you elaborate? How is the Apple TV an underachiever? What is superior about the Roku other than unit sales? My Apple TV HD does precisely what it was designed to do, that being streaming music and video, providing a plethora of apps from which to choose, games. Back in the day the Windows people used to mock Apple users over how much software was available for Windows compared to OS X, leaving out the fact that most of that Windows software was cheap crap. In my opinion you are dead wrong and the Roku is the streaming world’s Windows, market share and nothing superior about it.
    3 through 6 are the same crappy complaint.  Don't like the remote?  I agree about 99%.  But, I have always had one of the cheaper Harmony remotes at hand to program as I see fit.  So, I don't have any of those problems.  It's what I used to add features for the decades I was a DirecTV subscriber [ Now stuck into the garbage heap of AT&T]!  I can replicate any command excepting slip-sliding about.  And add others I find useful.  Especially those I use for app-specific features or the rare times I check local OTA channels.

  • Editorial: CNBC is still serving up some really bad hot takes on Apple

    These analysts lost the last of their technological skills with the advent of the self-winding watch.  I cannot recall the last time I watched anything on CNBC.  Probably, just Cramer - and not for his investing advice.