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  • Apple denied dismissal of 'unwieldy' dust filter class action lawsuit

    Even with politics aside, we live in a nation of opportunist assholes...
  • Developers talk about being 'Sherlocked' as Apple uses them 'for market research'

    Learn what the meaning of "marketplace" really is.  Quit whining.  Get back to work!  Thomson certainly understands this.
  • Apple Card expected to earn Apple $1B annually with minimal risk to Apple

    I said it in the other thread, but it bears repeating in this one.  This:
    "More beneficial to Apple is that this is revenue with minimal risk or effort required on its part, aside from integrating the functionality. As Goldman Sachs is effectively paying Apple to access its customer base, and is handling all operations, managing credit exposure, collecting bills, and dealing with customers, this "should be almost pure profit to Apple," the analysts believe."

    ↑↑  That should scare the living tish out of anyone applying for one of these cards.  If the analyst is accurate, Apple gets paid a ton with little risk. Yaaaaaaay.  Yaaaaaaaay.  Our favorite company gets to make more money.  Yaaaaay (not really sure why, but Yaaaay anyway). You howerver, Mr or Ms Cardholder, you get to deal with Goldman Sachs, a company with a proven history of financial responsibility and regard for their customers well being.  ← tee hee.  Hopefully they're no longer the Goldman Sach we've come to know an love. ← tee hee.

    Make good financial decisions people.  
    Wee sleekit timrous beastie...afraid to play among the tigers, eh?
  • T-Mobile 'crazy in love' promotion of OnePlus 7 Pro tweeted from iPhone

    Learn how to shop, dude. Shopping districts aimed at naive American tourists are nothing new in big cities worldwide. Not any more difficult than finding authentic restaurants as opposed to bandsaw chicken cranking out the biggest margins.
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  • Here's how to get started with your new Apple TV 4K or Apple TV HD

    Sorry, dude...if you have the broadband horsepower, Dolbyvision is dynamite. Amazon Prime 4K is frequent option and delightful. Dunno if the Brits are using DV or if BT just does a great job at 4K; but, proper football on a Saturday morning from the Premier League is a gas.  Only 25-35% of the offerings are 4K though.

    DV is a broadband vacuum cleaner, though.  We run ~70mbps through 2 wifi networks in our compound and sometimes that's a stretch.  I believe DV wants 35-45mbps as base capacity.  We only have 1 TV running 4K + 1 or 2 iOS devices at a time.  So far, easy peasy.