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  • After two months, Apple TV+ lacks a breakout hit

    The "Servant" absolutely rocks with talented writing, direction, acting. Worthy of peer recognition and awards.  Just about the only item in the streaming universe with a day/date release schedule that governs my watching.  Required viewing.  Very likely, re-viewing once the season ends and we're waiting for the next.
  • Mizuho analysts suggest 2019 iPhones will 'lack novelty' for consumers

    Had a couple of longterm careers in sales before I retired. Never set out to be a shark. Success among my peers was sufficient and rewarding. I enjoyed studying the craft and, honestly, I can't recall "novelty" ever pressed as a critical virtue of any products or services I sold into any market.

    Mizuho's analysis sounds more like maundering from a critic of children's TV.
  • There are now more paid streaming TV watchers than cable subscribers

    Probably passed cable subscriptions a while ago.  I negotiated a new Internet-only rate with Comcast directly with a CSR online, last autumn.  Never have used their kludgy cable box for TV...but, had to activate it to get the last speed upgrade in our small community.  Then, unplugged it.

    The local office called me back a few days later and said they were cancelling the Web-only rate for a "new" internet + TV pkg, same price...lucky me.  This way they can claim tens of thousands customer as TV clients even though we're internet-only in practice. I had to laugh.  They've been doing the same thing with my account for 12 years although I was a DirecTV customer till I returned their box a few years ago - to rely 100% on AppleTV.

    Oh...and local TV?  It sucks.  The half of our extended family that watches local murders on local news from the big city downstate - has their own wee OTA antenna plugged into their set.
  • UK's GCHQ, U.S. officials cast doubt on iCloud server spy chip report

    I forget the name of the dweebs Bloomberg often relies on for anti-Chinese corporate stuff.  …"China Labor something-or-other". First time I read one of their releases, I did a search on the group's history. They turned to be - originally - funded by the Brits to try to stop the return of Hong Kong to China provenance when their Imperial-era 99-year lease ran out.

    Funding by the Brits dried up. So, they re-jiggered their "mandate" and switched over to the old network of warlord historians and cold warriors in the GOUSA. Issuing crap press releases most often about Apple subcontractors is pretty much how they earn their stipend.
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook discusses education, job creation, more in interview

    Watched the first hour, last night on MSNBC. Superb!  There's a second hour to be scheduled.  I hope in the next week.