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  • PencilKit in iPadOS 14 will allow Apple Pencil text recognition in almost any app

    I truly hope this includes cursive handwriting recognition (not just printing recognition). I've been waiting 20 years for this feature to return to an Apple tablet! I loved my MessagePads (120 and 2000) and took nearly all my college notes on them. It would be fantastic to go back to taking notes this way in my adult work life!
  • Tim Cook says Apple is 'heartbroken' over Notre Dame fire and will donate to rebuilding wo...

    It's great to hear that they'll be contributing. I hope Apple finds a way to open up iTunes donations, too, as an easy way for everyone to donate toward the rebuilding effort.
  • Adobe splits Lightroom photo workflow software into cloud-based & 'Classic' versions

    At first glance, this seems like a very confusing decision. Without learning more, I can't figure out what benefit there would be to having a standalone piece of software that syncs, instead of folding new mobile sync features into the existing version. Renaming the existing Lightroom as "classic" seems like an odd naming choice, too, because it makes it sound like it's the "old" way of doing things. The "new" Lightroom sounds more like a Lightroom "Elements" sort of program geared toward consumers. It doesn't seem like photographers with huge libraries would want to pay to have all their data stored on Adobe's servers.
  • Bluetooth & Wi-Fi can't be fully disabled via iOS 11 Control Center, Apple says

    This seems completely counterintuitive without some sort of note to the end user in Control Center. "Disconnects Non-Apple Devices" or something.
  • Apple Pay picks up 58 new US card issuers, approaches 1,000

    It *is* nice to know when particular banks start supporting Apple Pay, particularly if one is waiting to hear when their card is finally supported. (For example, I'm anxiously waiting for Nordstrom to support Apple Pay.) Hopefully these repeated articles about banks supporting Apple Pay will encourage more businesses to add/activate support. I make it a point to use Apple Pay wherever it's accepted and ask merchants when (not if) they'll be accepting Apple Pay whenever it's not accepted. I'm amazed how many places still haven't upgraded their terminals to require chip cards, so my guess is support for Apple Pay will be coming (likely by default) as businesses realize the liabilities involved in continuing to accept swiped cards and upgrade their hardware.