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  • NBC 'Peacock' streaming service expected in 2020 with 15,000 hours of content

    “You can run, but you can’t hide!” Thought we could somehow dump the cable and get what we want to watch when we want to watch it and at a decent price. But no. It seems this is even WORSE than Cable TV turned out to be. Now it seems the new in thing is for EVERY Network to have it’s own streaming channel. So now we end up paying more than ever. I know I can’t afford all these streaming networks, so I have to pick one. I guess for me, it’s Amazon Prime. And for my Anime watching, VRV. Ok, content providers, YOU WIN! I’m getting off this crazy streaming ride! 
  • Apple TV+ to reportedly launch in November for $9.99 a month

    Apple may be in for a rude awakening if they charge $10/month for a starting lineup of 5 sub par or average shows that seem to me will struggle to find a huge audience. They would do well to include access to the entire iTunes video library at that price, just like what they are doing with Apple Music. I mean honestly, they would have to be INSANE if they think this will fly with just those five shows. $10/month for Apple News+, $10/month for Apple Music, $10/month for Apple TV+, $5/month for Apple Arcade. They should optionally bundle it all for about $20-25/month and go from there.
  • Jobs biographer slams Apple design and missed TV opportunity

    Sigh (while rolling my eyes). Another “if Steve Jobs we’re still alive...” dumbbell know it all. Moving on. Nothing competent to see here...
  • Review: Kenu BingeBank lets you watch Netflix while charging

    An interesting battery pack! I may may a birthday present of this to myself, especially with the $15 off coupon the Keanu sent me via email which would bring this down to a respectable $45, especially for the features it has.
  • How to prepare for macOS Catalina by organizing your iTunes library

    I’m hoping that music videos will remain with the Music app when it drops. When adding my own videos to my iTunes library they automatically download into the home video section, and I have to change the metadata once into iTunes. I’m wondering if this will still be the case when Music and Movies/TV Shows are split up into separate apps.