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  • Apple debuts new $5999 Mac Pro with up to 28-core Xeon processors

    netrox said:
    Love how amateurs complain about the costs of Mac Pro... it's for Professionals making lots of money... not for amateurs living on a few hundreds. iMac Pro is for prosumers. Mac Pro is for professionals. iMac is for consumers (but they can do all the things that pros do but at a much slower speed). 
    "Space Normal Speed, Mr. Sulu..."🤣.  That's my budget too😀! And that's ok! This and the Pro Monitor look AWESOME! These tools are meant for serious professionals making serious coin enough to afford them. That ain't me, but I'm drooling as an excited onlooker.
  • Apple's latest iPhone privacy ad touts iMessage encryption

    LOL!!! Definitely been there! Hilarious ad!
  • Apple cancels AirPower wireless charging mat, citing quality issues

    Better to scrap the project and suffer a little upfront embarrassment now, then release a possible overheating fire hazard and loads of embarrassing and costly lawsuits later. Moving along. Nothing left to see here.
  • Editorial: Apple note sends media pundits into a fit of histrionic gibberish

    AppleInsider said:
    “Tech reviewers think that they are representative of the public and that the mass market is keenly interested in chips and RAM or a photo feature Google is promoting. If that were the case, how has Apple been successfully selling a Product(Red) iPhone and iPod for all these years, and why isn't Pixel finding buyers?”

    This is the part that gets me! I see all the YouTube "reviewers" giving great reviews for just about EVERY Android flagship that comes out, but how many of these phones are "sustainable"? Before, when Android phones had replaceable batteries, these same "reviewers" were all praising them and taking Apple to task for not having a user replaceable battery. Now that all of the current Android makers have followed suit, I don't hear any of these bloggers complaining now. Android phone makers are all building "disposable" phones that their users either don't bother to upgrade, or CAN'T upgrade due to their carrier restrictions, and let's not even talk about any type of battery replacement program: there isn't any Android maker that has one I don't believe. You certainly cannot walk into a Samsung store and ask to have your battery replaced while you wait.
  • Tips: How to use Apple's eSIM technology in the iPhone XR or iPhone XS with GigSky

    If you have an iPhone that is locked to a carrier, you can only use the eSim option to activate a second line from that carrier, correct? But if I have an unlocked iPhone, then I could use eSim with two completely different carriers, say, AT&T and T-Mobile, if I choose?