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  • Meta & Google shouldn't be allowed to bully their way out of paying for news

    Aside from misrepresenting links to news as stealing news, it’s ironic that this  appears on a website whose business model consists primarily of rewriting stories that have appeared elsewhere.
  • Amazon closing all of its brick-and-mortar bookstores and '4-Star' locations

    Hank2.0 said:
    Microsoft tried and failed... Why? I don't know.
    I was still working for Microsoft when the first Microsoft Store opened. A number of us were watching the video on our PCs. It was painfully obvious that the design was  a copy of the Apple Store, but it didn’t seem to fit our business model. We couldn’t figure out how it made sense. Then, the employees started leading the customers in a line dance. Huh? Why were they dancing? It was all so bizarre. And then, one woman in the back line stopped dancing, picked up a box from a shelf, and put it in her purse. She was shoplifting our product, in the middle of our promotional video, and no one in the store even noticed! 
  • Amazon closing all of its brick-and-mortar bookstores and '4-Star' locations

    I guess people get wrapped up in impulse buys enough to spend that kind of money. Me? I'll buy the used copy for $8 and save a bundle... As for returns, fortunately there's a UPS store a few doors down from the Amazon store.
    Being able to browse the entire contents of a book, not just a limited number of pages online, is a big plus. I also find it easier to discover books I didn’t know about while browsing through the stacks at a real bookstore. Having said that, the selection of books at the Amazon bookstore was too limited for me. The only thing I found there worth buying was a Scientific American magazine. There’s not much money to be made selling magazines. 
  • Texas sues Meta over Facebook's past facial recognition practices

    Hopefully illegal immigrants would not be eligible for any of that money.
    Another white nationalist worried that immigrants are stealing his government handouts?

    Why do the admins allow these trash posts? 

  • Apple TV+ nabs six Writers Guild of America Award nominations

    Vanilla said:

    What you're missing is an understanding that there is no such thing as objective quality of subjective things like humor. The fact that you don't like something doesn't mean it is bad, and if that thing is popular and acclaimed, then regardless of what you think of it, you have to acknowledge that it has achieved success by subjective metric.

    Nope. If you read what I said, about the *quantity* of jokes in each episode, you will see how foolish your response is. The *quality* of humor may be subjective; the *quantity* is not. Counting is not subjective. 2+2=4, no matter who is counting. 

    Vanilla said:
    What you might also be missing is the comprehension that what you think of as being the best comedy will not be appreciated as such by the majority. We could just as well ask, "why do you say this other thing is funny, are you just doing that to be popular, or to be cool by being different, or because you are contrary, or because you are being ironic, or for some other reason that undermines your agency and disparages your opinion?"
    What you might be missing, with your, insults, is the target. Completely, I’m afraid. I have done improvisational comedy and vaudeville before live audiences. I have written a fair bit of comedic poetry and one stage play. I know what people think is funny, and more to the point here, I know how to count. The fact that you ignore my statement about the number (quantity) of jokes on the show, in favor of an ad-hominem snark, undermines your agency and disparages your opinion. 

    (Are you by any chance a critic? Or one of the writers on the show? You seem to be very defensive about it,)