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  • Getting started with playing your own music in iTunes on the Mac

    My iTunes library contains 221 000 songs - mostly classical, so a movement is a song. Totally about 10000+ CDs. Around 3,5 TB. On my fairly recent iMac this is fast enough, if not exactly lightning fast.
    I treat each work as a "CD", which means that a CD with 3 string quartets on it ends up as 3 CDs. I choose column view, with columns for genre, composer, artist and work. I put extra info, f.inst. soloists in operas in the Comments field, so it is searchable.
    So if I want to see which Haydn string quartets I have by the Mosaïque quartet, I click Chamber, Haydn, Mosaïque, and there they all are.

    Or i type Haydn Mosaïque in the search field.
  • Exhaustive acoustical analysis demonstrates HomePod is '100 percent an audiophile-grade sp...

    So if I say:

    "Hey Siri, play the third movement of Brahms 2nd symphony conducted by Muti"

    it would do that?
    Or: "Hey Siri, play Julius Röntgen's suite Aus Jotunheim"

    I have these items in my library (and I'm fairly sure that they exist in Apple Music), but can Siri do it? So far I haven't managed to have Siri do anything for me. She doesn't call the correct number when I ask her to call somebody. She has so far not been able to set up a meeting correctly in my calendar. Is there any hope that she will be able to play the correct classical track?
  • Apple's GarageBand, iMovie, Keynote, Numbers, Pages now free for all iOS & macOS users

    sumergo said:
    macxpress said:
    lmac said:
    I have an 8 core 2.8 Ghz Xeon processor Mac Pro with 32 GB RAM, but Apple says I can't run 10.12, so I can't run any of the current versions of iWork apps.
    Apple has to draw a line in the sand somewhere...sorry! I'll be in the same boat soon I bet. I have a last gen tower Mid-2012 Mac Pro. 
    Sorry guys, but I must have missed something - you can't run Sierra on that hardware?

    I'm running 10.12.4 (and Pages/Numbers/Keynote) on a mid-2010 17 inch MacBook Pro with a two-core 2.66 i7 & 8 GB - I just loaded it up and it worked.

    Of course he can run Sierra on that hardware. He says "I'll be in the same boat soon I bet". Which means, to my maybe limited understanding of English, that in a couple of years his hardware will not be able to run the latest system. He'll be fine until 10.14 and maybe 10.15, but at some point his hardware will not be supported. My 2008 MacPro does not run Sierra. His 2012 Mac Pro will probably not be able to run 10.15 (or 10.16 or...)
  • Apple's GarageBand, iMovie, Keynote, Numbers, Pages now free for all iOS & macOS users

    I see people saying that Pages and Numbers don't have the functionality of Word and Excel, and that is correct. They don't have all the bells and whistles of Word and Excel, but I think that is just the point. They have the functionality that most people need, and that functionality is not hidden among lots of functionality that you don't use. I use Pages, Numbers and Keynote for most my work, and I am amazed of the complexity of Word, Excel and PowerPoint every time I have to use them. I have so far not missed any functionality in Pages, Numbers and Keynote. The way you can set up a canvas with many tables in Numbers is so much more natural than Excels strict and old-fashioned grid. The way you can play with lay-out in Pages and have everything flowing smoothly, even on old hardware, is just fun. And Keynote is just so much better than PowerPoint.

    I can see no reason for most users to use Word, Excel and PowerPoint instead of Pages, Numbers and Keynote. 
  • Apple's Tim Cook among tech executives meeting with Donald Trump on Wednesday - report

    Note to Tim: Remember to not trust one word of what Trump says. He will change his mind and accuse you of lying if you quote what he said just 10 minutes ago.
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