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  • How Donald Trump's election as U.S. President could affect Apple

    There's this little thing called a democracy where the people have the power to decide who leads the country and who doesn't. And they have spoken. 

    And they voted for Hillary. She got more votes than Trump, but the archaic voting system manages to give the win to the candidate that got the least votes. 
  • Apple updates iWork for Mac, adding real-time collaboration beta to Pages, Numbers & Keynote

    With Google it is a privacy thing. I know that they have not been proven to do anything malicious wth the data, but on the other hand when I search for something, I want to find all the stuff related to what I search for, not just the things that the search engine thinks I want to find. I use Ghostery to list all the trackers on the web-sites I visit.
    As to Office, I just don't like it. It is filled with functionality I never use, and looks ugly. Office can do almost anything, which just masks the things I need and makes it difficult to use. Excel is extremely confusing compared to Numbers (of course it can do more, but this functionality I never use), and Powerpoint its laid out so that it is difficult to make really elegant and efficient presentations. The tools just makes it difficult to do what you want, even though everything is possible. I just like elegant tools, and Office really is not elegant. The tool just gets in the way.
    I know I went a bit overboard with my hate-comment. I don't hate any software out there - hate is such a strong word. Office just does not fit my needs, and the position it has in the marketplace makes it almost impossible for other solutions to compete. 
    I like that there are different solutions out there, so you can have real competition. If only Office survives, we are worse off than if there are alternative solutions, no matter how good Office is.
  • Apple updates iWork for Mac, adding real-time collaboration beta to Pages, Numbers & Keynote

    Personally I wouldn't touch anything Google does with a ten-foot pole, and I really (really, really) hate Office. So this is just what the doctor ordered.
  • Purported 'iPhone 7 Plus' packaging shows Lightning to Headphone Jack Adapter in box, 256GB storage

    OMG. more adapters. I'm drowning in a pile of them now.
    How is technology going to move forwards if you never can change anything because of old standards? The adaptors are there so you can use your old externals after alternatives are introduced. I expect that most users will use bluetooth headphones soon, so why not get rid of the old analogue plug, and include an adapter for those that insists on using their old headphones? A win-win situation in my book.
  • Apple refuses to back GOP convention because of Trump politics

    zrman said:
    tryd said:
    Not at all. They have refused to sponsor a politician that wants people to boycott Apple and to harm Apples business by making it harder for them to compete. They are acting responsible as a company, seeking to optimize  profit for their owners. They are doing exactly what they should do. 
    How is it "harmful" to Apple and America to want any US business to manufacture in the United States in support of US jobs? How is it harmful to Apple to support allowing Apple to bring it's cash back into the US at highly reduced tax rates so as to allow Apple to invest in US manufacturing? 
    You are all very fond of global companies, and one of the necessary effects of this is that you produce where this gives the best cost/benefit-ratio for the company. Forcing American companies to move production back to the US, while foreign companies are free to produce where they can do it most cheaply is playing into the hands of non-American companies. For me, not being American, I really wouldn't mind, but I find it strange that you would want to.