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  • Factory-reset iPhone impedes Philadelphia 76ers Twitter scandal investigation

    sflocal said:
    A story that captivated the sports world in recent weeks culminated Thursday in the resignation of a professional basketball team's top executive, the confirmation that the executive's wife was responsible for running a series of anonymous Twitter accounts, and the revelation that the wife had factory-reset her iPhone prior to handing it over to a law firm hired to investigate the matter.
    I guess that’s why this is the first I’m hearing of it...

    I feel like there’s still a bunch of info they could potentially retrieve even after a factory-reset.  If they wanted to, that is.  I supposed the resignation is likely good enough.
    Considering many backups are done via iCloud, it wouldn't take much to subpoena apple for a backup copy and get the details that way.
    Assuming those backups still exist. I mean if I wasn’t being made to give my phone to a bunch of lawyers and I wanted to destroy the evidence, I’d back it up to my computer and erase all backups online and then the device. And then I’d copy the backup to a USB drive to hide it and erase it from my computer. No one would think to demand i hand over a thumb drive they didn’t know about even if they thought of my computer 
  • New iPhone X Animoji Karaoke ad features South Korean group Hyukoh

    i suspect that in the near future we will see Animoji break out of Messages and be visible as a filter in other Apple apps like FaceTime and iMovie. and we will see them become the new sticker. with luck perhaps they will break both items totally out so that users can have one set of stickers and face filters that can work in several apps. like a plug in or such
  • Apple stock taking a beating on analyst note predicting soft summer iPhone X demand

    i see the annual "shit on apple to drive down the stock before the big announcements" season has begun. 

    iPhone sales always go way down in the summer because everyone assumes that there's going to be a new phone in the fall and they don't want to 'waste' their money on something that isn't THE BEST
  • Mark Zuckerberg calls Tim Cook's anti-Facebook retort 'glib,' defends ad-based model

    Facebook is charging it's customers. The price is not currency it is their privacy. For me, that cost may be too high.
    makes me wonder what would happen if someone came out with a facebook 'clone' that had no ads and made you pay say $5 a month to join. Especially if it was something that had all the 'stories', live video, silly filters etc that things like Instagram has. in this current climate they might make a ton of money. especially if they didn't mandate you use your real name, phone number etc so you could be totally anonymous if you want to be. unless of course you are claiming to be a known figure, those folks would have to prove they are legit and hopefully would be badged somehow so people would know they are vetted (which is one thing facebook has done right)
  • Mark Zuckerberg calls Tim Cook's anti-Facebook retort 'glib,' defends ad-based model

    Mark trying hard to cover his back side! If Facebook were so concerned about the customer then how does CA have data of 50 million users and why is it being investigated by several governments?
    forget about that. I mean according to the reports, FACEBOOK didn't sell them the data. it was gathered by another party who were the sellers. But Facebook has been rather lax with what they allow games etc to gather. At least Apple these days requires apps to ask us by item even if all the questions are annoying AF. And all because folks asked similar privacy questions 2-3 years ago. and apps that are caught not asking or asking for information they don't seem to really need get called out by Apple when the company finds out. That is a different attitude than Facebook is presenting.