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  • Apple explains iPhone battery throttling to Canadian parliament, says not planned obsolesc...

    C’mon. Apple could read off the facts on the periodic table of elements and still be accused of planned obsolescence. They can’t win.
    true. even before that particular update folks phones would get slow due to degraded batteries and they blamed it on Apple screwing with phones with the new updates. 
  • Apple responds to investor criticism over heavy smartphone use by children, says parental ...

    brisance said:
    As a "tech-savvy" parent who tried to "do my job" of monitoring and configuring an iPad for the use of my child, I was very quickly scratching my head looking for the following. * Day/Time access schedules. * App blocking. * Internet filtering. --- Schedules were nonexistent, Total App blocking is restricted to "some" 1st party apps only - I could block face time but not messages or email. Other apps could only be restricted by content ratings that I don't control. Internet filtering was purely based aforementioned ratings... no provision for black or white lists. The only way to block you tube was to not install the app but even then they could access it via safari... unless I block safari but then they would have no internet browsing at all. Bare minimum doesn't even begin to describe what is offered. At least they restricted store and in app purchase options... eventually. And just to be clear, I'm purposely omitting any third-party solutions. I believe this should and in many cases needs to be provided by Apple due the level of system access required.
    Have you looked at Apple Configurator 2?

    Apple Configurator 2 on the Mac App Store - iTunes - Apple

    sorry but i disagree. a parent should not have to download another app to do decent restrictions. Folks aren't really asking for anything more than what's been on the Mac for years. 
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  • Office Depot, OfficeMax temporarily drop iPhone battery replacement cost to $28

    i strongly suggest that anyone considering going to a place like OfficeMax or buying a battery off iFixit first go speak to someone who is actually a lawyer and practices in warranty law. Apple has a standing and long time policy that while they might ignore other 3rd party parts, a 3rd party battery is grounds for zero service. No repairs, no swaps, not free, not paid. here's your stuff, go away. And iFixit saying that that is illegal under their read of what they believe is the relevant laws doesn't mean it truth. You might think you are doing a cool thing sticking it to Apple and going to these non authorized service options but you might just be screwing yourself if something goes wrong and Apple can legally tell you to piss off. So make sure you have your ducks in a row before you take that chance. Especially if you have a phone that doesn't have a worn out battery in the first place and any 'slow down' is due to something else. 
  • New Apple video blurs the line between iPad Pro and computer, repeats Steve Jobs 'post-PC'...

    blastdoor said:
    What’s a computer? 

    its a thing that allows you to do the things you want to do even if those things are not the same things that every other person you know does. and if you can do those things on a tablet then folks need to STFU and let you use that tablet and not tell you that you need a 'real computer' simply because that's what they decided was better since its what they need to do the things they want to do

    and that was basically Steve's comment back in 2010, that not everyone is going to need the same tools to do what they want to do
  • Google engineer proves any iPhone app with permission to access the camera is capable of s...

    Rayz2016 said:
    airnerd said:
    problem identified, apple will solve it. 

    Not sure there’s a problem to be solved to be honest. 

    i agree with you for different reasons. camera and mic access are big privacy issues and Apple touts itself as being hip to the concerns. I suspect that they might already be scanning submitted apps for APIs for such items and verifying that the usage is within the rules. so an app that activates the camera without signaling that the camera is on would probably not be accepted