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  • Apple reportedly 'looking into' pair of iPhone 8 Plus with split screen from swollen batte...

    I had this happen on my 6. Three days out of my hands and it was back like brand new. Apple’s great about fixing these one-off problems.
    and how old was this iPhone 6 when it happened. 1 day, 2 days, a week, a month, a year old. 3 years old? That detail is actually very important because extremely aged batteries are designed swell as a safety feature. 
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  • Apple reportedly 'looking into' pair of iPhone 8 Plus with split screen from swollen batte...

    jurassic said:
    macxpress said:

    Uhhh... No "WhateverGate" is needed with MUCH LESS than 1 in 1,000,000 occurrences (only 2 out of the tens of millions of new iPhones sold so far). 

    it might be even less than that. i've seen other reports that note that both of the folks reporting these 'swollen batteries' are Asian. Asian (mainly chinese) resellers swiping parts out of iPhones and even iPads to resell is not uncommon. so much so that Apple had to reconfigure how they provide service on iPhones and the newest iPads that come in not turning on since a major reason for the no power is missing logic boards or non Apple batteries. non resellers have been unfortunately caught in the same system since Apple can't be selective in how they apply the new rules or it would look racist (even though its not their fault that the folks pulling the stunts are 99% Asian. so its possible that these phones were opened by someone trying to see what they might be able to swipe but they couldn't put the phones back together properly because they don't have the right glues etc. and they know that 'swollen batteries' is something that Apple won't dispute or mess with so it should be an easy way to get a replacement device
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  • Further delves into the leaked iOS 11 'gold master' reveal Face ID setup animation

    Rayz2016 said:
    "Enroll Face"?

    I could be wrong, but this setup does not look like TouchID is going to be included. 

    not at all. Touch ID could be on another screen