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  • Apple design chief Jony Ive to depart later this year, create new studio with Apple as cli...

    This is the best thing to happen to Apple.

    To the news of "Jony Ive leaves Apple", I can only add "Finally!"

    He is taking Marc Newsom with him - which indicates that Jony's design mistakes have finally prompted Tim Cook to cut that relationship, and go with a new group (notably the Pro Design group).

    Apple is in better hands with Jony Ive, finally!
  • Apple removes Siri team lead as part of AI strategy shift

    Agree regarding Apple Search being the common failures point (which is why I always laugh when non experts ‘predict’ how Apple will eat Google’s lunch if they ever enter the search arena). On the other hand, in restricted use cases, like CarPlay or AppleTV, Siri really shines. Again, because it’s a restricted environment. The other thing Siri (and otter services) really need, are incremental updates - not yearly ones. Upgrades to content and ‘smarts’ should be pushed out monthly or quarterly. Not yearly - the yearly upgrade cycle is plain dumb and myopic.
  • iPhone XR best-selling iPhone model, claiming 39 percent of US sales in December

    But but iPhone XR isn't selling so this good news means XS/XS Max are selling even LESS!!

    Yes I said the XR would not sell so Apple is a fails, but now that I've been disproven, XS isn't selling so Apple is a failz!!

    Goes back to what I said in another thread - they are merely comparing to phones introduced this year, of which the XR sells better than the XS or XS Max. Notice how there are no more comparisons to prior year sales - which used to be, always, 50% higher than the previous year, driven by premium model upgrades.

    A significant number of iPhone users are eithe returning their X model iPhones (based on lack of Home Button - roughly 20%),  or not bothering to upgrade (because Apple has priced the new models too high. Again, if the X models actually delivered the same functionality AND more, most people would stay in line, or not return them - but as Apple has provided a user interface regression by removing the Home Button completely, AND has priced these models too high, they are seeing this significant drop in sales, in their premium and upgrade segments.

    Publicly, Apple will keep pointing at external factors, because Apple will never admit to have been wrong - that’s fine, that’s just their public stance. Internally, Apple leadership knows fully well they screwed up, and in a big way - the question is just how will they address this, and fix it?

    The easiest way is to introduce a fixed, virtual home button (which is what they had planned all along anyways), by beefing up Assistive Touch with a UI API that forces a dedicated location for the Home Button, in the center of the bottom. Easy to do. It’d be like a notch, except in software, so it can move out of the way (visually) when in full-screen horizontal mode (like viewing video). 

    This is would be extremely easy to implement, and what The Old Apple would have done, under Steve, beginning with the iPhone X.

    Now, by re-introducing the Home Button (and then can keep the gestures, despite being blatantly stolen from Android, which uses the exact same gestures), and performing impressive theatric by introducing “There’s No Place Like Home”, they would effectively turn this around, and get a huge number of customer that are ‘on hold’ to whip out their credit cards - because this sort of software fix would make all the existing models usable to the demographic currently holding back.

    Future iPhone models would have a slight depression in the glass, or an etched circle, where the Home Button would be located.

    It would be an easy fix, in software, and the only thing standing in the way are internal, personal politics.
  • Apple restocks iPhone SE on clearance site, all models available

    Maybe Apple will take the hint, that these smaller models are also very popular, and that not everyone wants every larger iPhones...? It’s obvious that everything Steve Jobs creates, is being systematically torn down - not by agency, but by ignorance.
  • AT&T flips switch on iPhone XS and XR eSIM support in US [u: Verizon rumored for Friday]

    cgar15 said:
    fallenjt said:
    Why so complicated? Apple should’ve just made a dual physical SIM model like the one for China market.
    They did. For the Chinese market. I bought one in China through a friend traveling there. And they are also sold in Dubai without taxes. They work like a charm with my personal and business line together. 
    So the real question is: why not making the Chinese product available to everyone? Why force us to a product that is not ready for the market for the next months at least? 
    Because, as usual, this wasn't well thought-out, like several prior releases of previous products. The way this is done, they could have simply released a TRIPLE-SIM product, but providing the two physical SIM slot (which is brilliantly done with the SIMs sandwiched on top of each other), while STILL providing the eSIM solution -- and thus having just one hardwire configuration they could have shipped worldwide, instead of the current muddled mess.