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  • Jony Ive says Apple has 'energy and vitality' and he is nowhere close to done

    Shouldn’t a guy obsessed with making everything thinner, lead by, you know, example?

  • iPhone owners aren't upgrading to iPhone X due to price, lack of exciting features, survey...

    This would be better without all the annoying fanboys in the comment section. I used to get every new iPhone - I stopped with the current upgrade models (iPhone 8 and iPhone X) iPhone X is a User Interface clusterfuck - because the lack of TouchID and reliance on FaceID made them temporarily abandon the Home Button, which was dumb. This resulted in the compromise solutions of bewildering and confusing gestures, and a completely inane Konami code of using the buttons on the side. If they brought back TouchID in addition to FaceID, and reintegrated a virtual HomeButton on the display, I would buy the iPhone X without further consideration. Without, particularly without a Home Button, im not interested.
  • Apple puts Belkin screen protector for iPhone X back on sale after earlier recall

    The 99 Cents Stores (and Dollar Tree) now Carry iPhone X screen protectors (the exact same ones Belkin sells for $40] for, you guessed it, 99 cents. (They also carry versions for the iPhone 5/SE, iPhone 6, and iPhone 7)

    ... and yes, tempered glass screen protectors DO protect the iphone’s Screen - both from scratches and from breaking. My clients’ screens have been consistently protected from cracking after a fall by the protector sacrificing itself.

    MplsP might not understand the need for one, but if he drops his iPhone and faces the $150 repair cost for a new screen, he wishes he’d had one, instead of not spending 99 cents. 

  • Disney to keep Marvel & Star Wars movies exclusive to its streaming service

    I predict a large increase of torrent users, and 4K/x265torrents of this content. Just like CBS is pushing all Trekkers to torrents, with their attempt to force subscriptions to their loser service, so will Disney cause the same paradigm shift - particularly since The Pirate Bay now allows direct streaming of content.
  • A very false narrative: Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Apple's iPhone

    Unfortunately, though, Apple is more and more neglecting software, or cognizant that its core is software. Bugs, serious bugs, are being left unattended and unfixed for years - particularly on the iPad platform. Siri, 5 years in, is basically unchanged. iOS' contextual awareness has regressed and might as well not exist. But hey, glad Jonny is obsessing over making everything thinner.
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