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  • Canada law may force streaming services like Apple TV+ to promote local content

    Seriously? There's been lots of great Canadian content since Anne Murray & BNL, check out Schitt's Creek for instance, or Drake, or Weeknd for music. Maybe it's time to move on from dated stereotyped references. See is shot in Toronto, don't know if that will count?

    If the content is so great, then there is no need to legislatively compel its distribution. Make something good and people buy it (like what you listed). Unfortunately, that 30% gets filled with a lot of second and third rate content instead.
  • Apple sells out of Space Gray Magic Keyboard, Trackpad, Mouse

    “Apple discontinuing without replacement…” has become way to common: Router, HomePod, iMac Pro, a.s.o. 
    Those are all understandable. Apple's network appliance products were needed to allow them to support emerging standards and not be beholden to lagging mainstream producers; however Netgear et al are now on top of things, so they aren't needed. My Plume mesh is better than my Airports ever were. Only Airport Express w/ Airplay was a gap, *finally* solved by Belkin. iMac Pro... patience! They stopped selling it so that there wouldn't be a rash of returns from those who purchased two weeks before the M2 version releases. HomePod just didn't work out. If they replaced it, they'd need to replace it with something cheaper that people want. Like a mini version.
  • Head EU antitrust regulator wants Apple to allow alternate app stores

    xyzzy-xxx said:The security of the platform comes from iOS. Apps loaded from alternate app stores would have exactly the same privileges as apps loaded from Apple's app store – just app review is done by a different institution. If you don't trust a institution, you can decide which app stores you trust.
    That would be great if people took personal accountability. Apple does a lot to curate apps, to make sure that they are not trojan horses. In an alternate app store, you can bet that apps that prompt for credit card and other personal information will exist.  When a user installs an app that steals their info or damages their device/data in some way, it's Apple that'll go under the bus. 
  • Report finds AirTag enables 'inexpensive, effective stalking'

    ApplePoor said:
    If anyone is in an abusive situation, why would they buy a tiny tracking device that could be used against them beats me.

    At some point, there is a burden of personal responsibility that comes into operation in most folks lives.

    A cheap throw away cell phone with a cash prepaid SIM card makes more sense than any brand of smart phone.
    Because the STALKER buys the AirTag and then hides it in the lining of the victim's purse or backpack, in a seat pocket of their car, etc. If you live or work with the dangerous individual, there is a chance they can plant it on something you carry.
  • Apple's 'M2' processor enters mass production for MacBook Pro

    Marvin said:

    It's a shame it's for H2, hopefully they'll at least talk about it at WWDC in a few weeks like the M1 last year and ship sooner than the usual end of year Mac releases.

    I suspect they will. There is no harm in doing so; pre-announcing normally kills your current sales, but everyone knows it's coming so pre-announcement and possibly even pre-orders of some models won't hurt a bit.