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  • Apple now allows AppleCare+ for Mac to continue beyond three years

    lkrupp said:
    I’m paying $3.99/mo for my series 4 Watch and it’s well worth it. Keeping AppleCare+ on your Mac is a no-brainer.
    Genuinely curious as to why. Where do you see the $50/yr paying off? Is it on a future battery replacement (I haven't done the math)? I'm asking as someone who dropped their stainless AW3 onto a tile floor and had it pop open. I was forthcoming to the Apple team and the person at the store said "don't worry, the battery looks swollen to me <wink>". The watch came back with a replacement fee due to identifiable trauma, but the store waived it.

    I have mixed feelings on the device insurance. I've had generally no trouble, or been covered w/ a program (MBPro keyboard), or had amazing service where they just fixed stuff. In over 15 years, only one iMac truly died (the model where the nVidia cards tended to die). There are so few components in new Macs (did you so the motherboard for the M1 iMac?) it's hard to imagine what could go wrong.
  • Parallels Desktop 16.5 released with native Apple Silicon support

    hodar said:
    So, basically Parallels remains a waste of money for anyone who bought an M1 Mac.

    Rehash MY user case; which is probably a significant number of user cases.  Why did I buy Parallels?  Why pay $$ for this program?


    Now, I have no choice but have multiple computers at home.  Because programs that USED TO work flawlessly, no longer function at all.
    Not so. While I agree that Parallels isn't going to work for you, a feasible alternative is a cloud-based PC. If Parallels provided satisfactory performance for gaming, these should also fit the bill. Better still, you can size them up/down so that you don't pay for capabilities you don't need (i.e. basic for desktop work, crank for gaming).
  • Sonos Roam made official with auto tuning, audio handoff, and more

    Sonos is overrated. 

    Good sound, but a pain set-up and connectivity-wise. 
    How is that? Airplay 2... what's hard about that? The old Sonos app and setup wasn't great, but there is zero reason to use that anymore.
  • Ecosia now a default search engine option on iOS, iPadOS, macOS

    Beats said:
    What a sh**tty name but wow what a company. Would be cool if it become more popular than Bing. Can't see it becoming bigger than Google with that name, same for DuckDuckGo.
    Ecosia uses Bing as the back end, which is why it's so disappointing. Results are terrible. Fortunately, there is a button to repeat your search in Google. This way, you can get Ecosia some tree dollars but then get proper results.
  • LG UltraFine 5K Display listed as 'unavailable' through online Apple Store

    sflocal said:
    Fi has similar issues with my Promise TB2 R8 and R6.  I updated the firmware on both of them, problem solved.  This was back in April I think.  Promise still maintains current firmware for these models.  Have you checked yours?
    Yeah. The problem started with High Sierra. Driver crashed the whole OS (this unit requires a driver). Enough users complained that they released an unsupported patch. They say the unit (released in 2013) is out of support; i.e. they abandoned it only 5 years in, when as a TB2 SSD enclosure it's still perfectly current. No new firmware or driver patches will be issued. Lesson learned: Never get an enclosure that requires a driver (and nothing from Promise since they seem to have no issue abandoning a product if sales weren't what they expected).

    In Catalina, it sort of kind of works. The driver doesn't crash but it's hit or miss as to whether the enclosure will mount. Sometimes it'll mount and then immediately drop. If it lasts 5 min, you're generally good until the next sleep / restart. I plan to replace it with an OWC Thunderbay Mini at some point.