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  • LG UltraFine 5K Display listed as 'unavailable' through online Apple Store

    These screens are a nightmare. If Apple kills and replace it, it would be a blessing.

    They were supposed to be the 3rd party answer to the discontinued Cinema displays (i.e. combining a Display with USB hub, webcam + microphone + speakers). However for they have been causing regular issues especially with mac laptops:

    - The screen is known to reliably crash the mac (Fortunately recent macOS updates appear to be limiting the scenarios when this occurs.)
    - The screen may or may not wake from sleep, or force the system to crash/reboot when in sleep.
    - If it does wake, it'll often wake "late", meaning the desktop/windows are flying back and forth across displays
    - After waking, the screen may exhibit unusual flickering lines (resleeping/waking the display does seems to resolve these however)

    For the cost of the screen and the fact that it's sold 1st party from Apple (with no true alternatives from Apple) is a disgrace to the brand, one of the strongest motivators I have to buy through Apple is knowing that the hardware isn't going to crash my system or generally misbehave. Additionally because it's 3rd party: all attempts at resolving the issues lead no where, if you don't refund the screen within your 2 week grace period, you're stuck with a very expensive lemon.
    What? The screen is responsible for sleep crashes? I was blaming the drivers on my Pegasus J4 (they are unsupported as Promise decided to abandon updating OS support just a few years in). I've taken to just shutting down instead to avoid it. I'll unplug the display to night to test this.

    My main issue with the display is ghosting. Overall, I don't notice it too much, I paid a pretty good price for the monitor ($950 in the early incentives), and it still does look great. I have an older 20" cinema display next to it and the difference is huge. No real regrets.
  • New iOS 14 feature prompts TikTok to end clipboard snooping

    Rayz2016 said:

    It’s for clipboard managers, and there are quite few of them in the App Store. 
    Makes sense; I get the use case. Ideally all apps should be blocked from non-explicit access to the clipboard except those specifically granted permission to do so.
  • Apple planning Face ID for MacBook Pro and iMac -- plus a notch

    Fatman said:
    A notch would be the continuation of a design blunder. Here’s to hoping it will disappear on the iPhone 12.
    How would you propose getting rid of it? There are only two ways I can think of: 1. Put everything behind a working display (not technically feasible at this time) or 2. Don't notch but rather leave a black band at the top. The notch provides space for all of the non-value-added icons to sit above the main content area. In the end, competitors also adopted the notch because it makes sense.
  • Microsoft giving Outlook for Mac better performance with a complete revamp

    MacPro said:
    MS DTR is phenomenal, I use it all day every day.  
    What's MS DTR?
  • Review: Deebot 661 sweeps and mops your floors so you don't have to

    I hate to break it to you, but Roomba didn't produce the first robotic vacuum, much less the first circular model.

    Here's the Electrolux Trilobite from 1996:

    Roomba came out in 2002.
    MapPro's point is that when you look at the bottom it's almost a complete copy of a Roomba. The mechanical layout, roller, wheels, front wheel, swishy brushes, look identical to Roomba's. Contrast that to the Neato image posted above that does the same thing but with a completely original design.