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  • BMW says annual $80 CarPlay fee needed for ongoing testing & development

    I think the rationale comes down to the fact that CarPlay is replacing the built-in systems that they *did* charge a subscription for. Most manufacturers sell a subscription like OnStar or BMW ConnectedDrive or Infiniti Connection or one of the others that cost $100-200/yr. With CarPlay or Android Auto, you don't need to pony up excessive fees for live traffic, map updates, advanced search, etc.  Most brands realize it's a new world and walk away from that revenue, but it looks like BMW wants their pound of flesh regardless of the services you use and who provides them.
  • Beats $249 Powerbeats Pro boast "Hey Siri" support, shipping in May

    HenryDJP said:
    I don't understand why Apple created these when they have the Air Pods? Also how are these new PowerBeats Pro charged up?

    Sweat, for sure. I haven't used my Airpods on a summer run, but running with the old wired ones the speakers would eventually get wet and sound bad until they dried out. I'm not worried about wrecking wired pods, but definitely concerned with Airpods. I fried some wired Sonys.  I also worry about them falling. While they have never fallen and I have hopped around and shaken my head trying, I still get nervous when running around water, on a bridge, etc just because of the cost. The hooked design of these may even make me feel safe enough to wear them on a boat.
  • Virtualization software maker Parallels bought out by Canada's Corel

    Corel: Where good software goes to die.
  • Apple donates $1M to Indonesia earthquake and tsunami relief efforts

    I wonder if Tim realizes he’s giving Apple money to an Islamic-majority country where racism is a common problem and sharia law is applied in at least part of the country?
    Well, he does live in a country where racism is a common problem, so I'm pretty sure that he's up on the issues.Fortunately, he has no such issues himself and isn't concerned by the proportion of Muslim citizens.
  • Analyst's 'iPhone X is dead' memo hyperbolic, loaded with questionable claims

    blastdoor said:
    Well, I will say this -- I have no interest in paying a price premium just to get an OLED screen. 

    But I'm always very interested in a better camera and am willing to pay for that. 

    I just got one and I have to say that a few weeks in it has exceeded expectations. I agree that OLED isn't enough; the screen in my 6S looked great. But Face ID is really, really good. It's so transparent. Whether using the core phone functionality, 1Password or Apple Pay, it just works and you don't notice it. I also much prefer the new swipe gestures over the home button and other swipes. The larger screen with only a minor device size increase is nice. The edge to edge screen is just icing on the cake.