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  • CalDigit Thunderbolt Station 3 dock with eSATA, dual-4K display support starts shipping

    nhughes said:
    scottw2 said:
    The fact the new iMac still keep the USB-A ports are positive signs and I'm looking forward to Apple bringing them (along with a few other ports) back to the MacBook Pro.
    Not going to happen.
    I'm still waiting for them to bring back the Mini USB connector. Got a bunch of those useless cables. Darin' to dream!
  • Apple cuts 2TB iCloud plan to $9.99, Family Sharing access expands in iOS 11 & High Sierra...

    I wonder if shared family storage will facilitate sharing a Photos library across two or more users.
  • US regulators ask smartphone makers to implement function-limited 'driver mode'

    entropys said:
    If you are a passenger in a moving car a GPS solution won't be desirable. Similarly if it is the passenger's phone hooking into the car system via Bluetooth it isn't desirable.  This is not straightforward.
    No kidding! Any attempt to fully restrict functionality based on those factors will hugely diminish the value of a phone, particularly to passenger who probably wants to send a few messages while on the ride. Bluetooth as a detection protocol is stupid; passengers use (my kids like to control the music) it or control panel -> off and you have full access. You can argue that this is personal responsibility and it is... so make car mode voluntary like airplane mode. Anyhow, all speculation for now and I will bet that this will more likely be leveraged by Apple to say "we agree, get all manufacturers to implement CarPlay".
  • Class-action lawsuit targets Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program

    I'm going to guess that the upgrade program agreement is pretty clear that you're not guaranteed a phone the day it comes out. This is a blend of ambulance chasing and the very worst of consumerism / entitlement; the quintessential First World Problem.
  • Notes of interest from Apple's Q3 2016 conference call

    welshdog said:
    I'll be 60 years old next May. I'm not afraid of much, but I do live in fear that the day might come where Macs no longer exist.  It is fairly easy to believe that Apple might choose to kill Macs as a business decision.  I wish Apple would consider a marketing push to get more PC to Mac switchers.  It would also be nice to see more Macs ads.

    It's hard to imagine life without a Mac.
    Fear not. The Mac is still the primary platform for building iOS apps. There is no XCode for iOS. Unlike Microsoft, Apple has not tried to make an interchangeable desktop/tablet experience. They keep each unique. Apple has always emphasized using the right device for the right moment. Desktops aren't going anywhere. 

    Apple does not need to encourage switchers anymore. Look around an airport; in the waiting halls or airline lounges, I see at least 50% Macs. Go to a university campus. You'll find over 75% Macs. The new Swift Playgrounds, intended to teach kids (or anyone) Swift is an amazing way to make Swift the dominant language for the next generation.

    Mac sales are down for Apple because PC sales are down for everyone. I don't know what % are holding off for updates but it's probably significant. Apple sensibly doesn't update on every CPU/GPU change because the improvements are marginal and the constant redesign would hurt margins and create obsolete inventory. I'm certain that updates are coming but will not ship until the fall because they tend to always ship with the latest OS.