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  • Apple Music reaches 38M subscribers, gained 2M in last month

    I find the idea that Spotify is better than Apple Music because “it works everywhere” hilarious. Before Apple Music ever existed I kept wanting to try Spotify, but never did, because it required Adobe Flash to run on the Mac, which I had gotten rid of a long time ago due to security and horrible Flash based web advertising. Now that Flash has officially been discontinued I'm guessing they've finally figured out how to support a Flash free Mac/PC version of Spotify (have they?). So, yes, I ended up getting Apple Music instead of Spotify, because it actually does work everywhere. That and it had a wide music video selection which Spotify didn’t (has that changed?). And to this day Spotify doesn’t support AppleTV (which I use for Apple Music constantly). So no, Spotify doesn’t come remotely close to working “everywhere”
  • New MacBook Pro drops optical audio out through headphone jack

    Soli said:
    mike1 said:
    Absolutely would miss the digital out on an ATV. One of the reasons I haven't moved to an ATV4. I use the ATV3 for Airplay from my computer and feed the digital audio out to my AV receiver. Can't do that with an ATV4.
    Yes you can. HDMI supplies digital audio-out, and much better audio at that. Optical audio was great, but it's an archaic tech. If your A/V receiver doesn't support HDMI then I think it's time to buy a new reciever. Although, I'm not buying a new receiver or Apple TV until the latter supports 2160p content and H.265 encoded videos.

    edit: Pipped by boltsfan17.
    I though that getting rid of the "archaic tech" - my optical only receiver with one that supported HDMI - was the solution years ago, and then I discovered the bitter truth: (both are ~$1K Denon receivers): audio/video was utterly out of synch when going via the new HDMI receiver, HDMI video out would periodically fail due to copy protection kicking in where it had no business doing and final straw - regardless of how I fed the new receiver, its amp for my very, very, very good, invaluable 4 ohm speakers was markedly inferior.  
    Reverted to the old receiver, can't afford another very expensive mistake like that.

    Thus I too am stuck with the ATV 3, and live in dread that when I will have to upgrade my 2009 MacPro it with a new desktop Mac, it too will be  without Toslink