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  • What to do if your iPhone 15 is peeling on the edge of the back glass

    avon b7 said:
    bonobob said:
    avon b7 said:
    If only the industry would move away from glass backs and onto something less fragile.
    So would you prefer easily scratched plastic, or breakable ceramic?  Remember that radio signals can’t go through metal.  I guess that still leaves wood as a possibility.  
    There are no end of options available and room for invention. Composite materials abound, along with all manner of coatings. 

    Scratches are preferable to breakage. Always. 

    Solutions don't have to be necessarily hi tech either. People have no issues placing plastic screen protectors on the front of their phones. Imagine a plastic or composite back with a changeable film to protect against scratches.

    Of course, just maybe, the move to glass backs itself had financial aspirations through expensive repairs. Just maybe, eh? 
    I like my glass back iPhone. Never broken one over 4 generations.

    Then there’s the front glass. Only had one of those crack on an iPad mini
  • Masimo open to an Apple Watch settlement, if Apple would only call

    macbootx said:
    Looking at the line of sensor related products they sell, Masimo certainly doesn’t appear to be a patent troll. Hopefully Apple will negotiate a fair deal. 
    What if the method the sensor uses to take measurements is different?
  • Delta's new plane lets you use AirPods to listen to movie audio in-flight

    saf said:
    They need to roll this out to everyone as soon as possible.  It's a safety issue, if you aren't connected to the cabin audio system, you're likely to miss safety announcements.  It's not cool when you miss the instructions that tell if you're going to die as the aircraft plunges into the sea.

    I dunno, if I’m gonna die via plane plunging into the sea, I’d probably rather not know beforehand.
  • Three possible designs for iPhone 16 revealed in leak

    AppleZulu said:
    What. It doesn't have a folding screen?
    With enough leverage I’m sure you could get it to fold. 

  • Stolen Device Protection to thwart iPhone thieves with passcodes with time delay

    zeus423 said:
    longfang said:
    nofeer said:

    great suggestions but how to do this--4 character long press ???
    PS: I recommend to not use a PIN. Use a complex passcode. You have those long-press characters on the iOS and Mac keyboards, too, which means you can make a simple 4-character passcode that has over 3 billion possible combinations by using one of those characters. It also makes it a lot more difficult for something to see what you're typing in over a regular keyboard or a number pad.
    I have an iPhone 5 that’s currently locked out for the next few months because I forgot which pin i set for it and kept inputting the wrong one. 
    An iPhone 5? Oh my
    It was just being used as a remote camera to monitor the home while i was out, so not that big of an issue losing access to it. Just pointing out that the current delay seems to grow exponentially.