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  • Allegations of discrimination spawn investigation into Apple Card credit lines

    Ruby off the rails more like.

    My wife and I have been married for almost 20 years. We entered the exact same income information when we applied. I got a $10,000 limit, she got a $20,000 limit. I guess the only possible explanation is that they are biased against men.

    Seriously. Why the heck would a bank care what gender you are? That would just be throwing money away from their perspective. The only thing that matters is your loan history, not what kind of chromosomes you are sporting.
  • Laid off Apple contractors listened to 1,000 Siri recordings per shift

    If Apple added the ability for users to opt in and opt out... Would anyone opt in?
    I would. I hate when Siri completely bollocks up its responses. Which it routinely does. If I had my way, I would be the only person they ever listen to so that the stupid thing would start to work better as they tailor it to me.
  • Siri 'whistleblower' details drug deals & sex heard during manual reviews

    I bet they hear Siri being called "idiot" a lot. That's my go to response when it tries to take me to an address 3 states away instead of the same address 3 miles away. I have literally had it complain that it could not find a route to England from the US. The assumption that I was looking for a way to drive across the Atlantic to the UK is just flawed on so many levels. It has zero sense of geographical context. And it seems like it would be so easy to fix. Just assume I want the closest match. Idiot.
  • Apple updates 13-inch MacBook Pro, adding Touch Bar to entire range

    My buying decision is gated on the keyboard. It doesn't matter what else it has: fail keyboard = fail machine. I buy Macs. I have directly purchased dozens of them since the 512ke. Apple needs to scrap the crappy butterfly keyboard before I will consider a laptop from them.
  • Aspyr ends 32-bit Mac game sales in shift to 64-bit support only

    mystigo said:
    Not a game per se, but by far the most painful thing for me is losing Photoshop 5.5 which was the last version you could buy a perpetual license for (please correct me if I am wrong about that). If I upgrade to Catalina, I would need to subscribe, and the cost to do so is beyond prohibitive for what I use it for.
    i am trying to figure out in what world $10/mo is too much for photoshop and lightroom? granted it requires a one year commitment but $120/yr is less than apple music family plan so... 
    Thank you for your thoughtful reply.